Minneapolis Mayor: Fried Chicken, Beer Now Deemed ‘Racist’

Is it humanly possible that the dead body parts of a chicken, deep-fried in a secret Cajun recipe could somehow inherintly be racist?

The Thibaudeau, Gautreaux, and Beauregard families over in Jefferson Davis Parish might take offense to Popeye’s Chicken fast-food chain using a supposed indigenous to Louisiana-stylized ingredients and cooking techniques to preparing yard bird … well, they could claim Popeye’s of wrongful cultural appropriation.

I’m fairly sure that the descendants of the Acadians who now range from the Florida Panhandle to South Padre Island are made of sterner stuff than to whine over someone else using the word “Cajun.”

But back to the topic at hand. Other than Louisiana Cajun-style fried chicken, how about beer? Is beer racist?

Probably the closest to a racist beer I can find would be Honolulu’s Aloha Beer. Only fo’ da Bruddahs to buss you up. But then again, “Aloha” is a pretty all-inclusive and welcoming word, so no racism when it comes to Hawaiian hops and barley.

The offending box lunch.

Nonetheless, the eejit mayor of hyper-leftie Minneapolis wants to can a police officer for the high crime of pranking his fellow officers at the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct. You see, the still yet to be identified officer secretly adding to said Christmas tree a singular Popeye’s Chicken cup, a couple of beer cans, some junk food bags and “other items.”

For whatever bizarre reason, Mayor Jacob Frey considers a Popeye cup, a couple of beer cans, some snack bags, and “other items” as, wait for it, “racist, despicable, and is well beneath the standards of any person who serves the city of Minneapolis.”

And Hizzoner wants Officer Hateful’s badge.

As reported by KSTP-TV of St. Paul, MN;

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said the officer responsible for reportedly decorating a Christmas tree in the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct with what have been described as racially offensive ornaments will be terminated.

A Facebook post from Minneapolis City Council Member Phillipe Cunningham said he had spoken to 4th Precinct

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo and Mayor Jacob Frey.

Inspector Aaron Biard, who said every year an officer is assigned to decorate the tree.

And, as a prank, another officer “hung some inappropriate ornaments after it was decorated.”

The mayor’s office Friday morning also confirmed the individual in question was an officer. A photo of the tree on social media showed it decorated with a Popeye’s Chicken cup, beer cans, junk food bags and other items.

However, Inspector Baird fixing this non-problem wasn’t enough. It was further reported; (Emphasis mine)

The officer was both disciplined and coached. There will be cultural sensitivity training and a community outreach event planned.”

However, in his statement, Frey said he will pursue more severe punishment.

“This behavior is racist, despicable, and is well beneath the standards of any person who serves the city of Minneapolis,” his statement read.

“The offending party will be fired before the day is over. Shifting the culture of the police department requires swift and decisive action. Termination is necessary – both to discipline the officer and to send a clear message: Chief Arradondo and I will not tolerate conduct that departs from our values.”

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo issued a statement Friday afternoon, saying he was appalled by the incident. He said the matter is being investigated.

“It was reported to me recently that a racially insensitive display that was put up in the 4th precinct lobby. As soon as it was realized what the display was, it was removed,” the statement read.

The offending Christmas tree.

On a personal note, I know of more than a few white folks that love them some fried chicken. And beer. And a bag of potato chips. Is it possible that Officer Hateful is somehow lashing out at fried chicken lovers of the Caucasian persuasion?

Is it possible that Latinos, Orientals, Middle Easterners, Tierra Del Fuegans, or even some Tajiks or Uzbeks from Central Asia just may enjoy a breast, a thigh, a Heine and a bag of chips?

Then again, maybe Mayor Frey and Chief Arradondo are the real racists.

After all, these two putzes automatically equate greasy food and alcoholic beverages with black people.