MMA Fighter Tara LaRosa DROPS Anti-Flag Attacker

Boom, boom… out go the lights!

OK, I’ll come clean. I watch my share of MMA, but I really haven’t even heard of Tara LaRosa.

But now that I have heard of her, I’m fairly sure I’ve found a new favorite.

As it turns out, young Tara was participating on a Veteran’s Day Flag Wave at Portland, Oregon’s 12th Avenue overpass across I-84, when a crazed woman who claimed to be a professor attacked one of the patriots.

As reported by Hannah Bleau of;

According to officers, a woman confronted the group flag-wavers, and tensions quickly escalated between the protester and a woman participating in the ceremony. LaRosa was there live-streaming the event. Her stream shows two women in a scuffle, with one hitting the other.

LaRosa went over and can be heard urging them to stop. At that point, LaRosa’s stream went dark, as she directly intervened to split up the fight.

Another video of the incident shows LaRosa on top of the woman, repeatedly telling her to “relax.” The woman, who claimed to be a professor, allegedly bit LaRosa in the chest.

One individual from the group can be heard telling the protester, “You assaulted someone.”

“Get off me. I’m like half-naked,” the woman bizarrely claimed.

“I was just got done having brunch with my friends,” she continued, accusing them of “antagonizing the city I live in.

“Stop f*ck*ng trying to fight. We’re not here to fight,” LaRosa says in the video. “We’re just here waving flags celebrating Veterans Day.

“I can’t believe this. This has been my whole life. I’ve always had to be the person … to show, to fight,” the woman continued.

“You don’t know what Donald Trump is,” she added.

Of course, the police did absolutely nothing.

As reported by Portland’s KGW;

Police say it’s not clear who started the fight. No arrests were made, but the case was referred to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.