More from the Religion of Peace and Love: Son turns in mother to ISIS, personally executes her

ISIS Son of the Year.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has openly voiced it stated goal of bringing to American shores tens of thousands of so-called Muslim “refugees”.

While the definition of family honor varies from nation to nation, culture to culture, few societies or individuals are comfortable with a loss of honor, however it’s defined. Meanwhile, reporter Ruth Dudley Edwards of The Irish Independent cited that of all the so-called “honor killings” across the planet, fully 91 percent are perpetrated by adherents of the Mohammedan belief system.

ISIS punishment for homosexuality.
ISIS punishment for homosexuality.

Of the endless parade of savage and inhuman slaughter that is more often than not visited upon girls and women in Muslim households, perhaps one of the more vile examples of the 7th century mindset alive and well in the 21st century would be the case of Lena al-Qasem. As reported¬† by Tom Wyke of Britain’s Daily Mail, the 45-year-old mother formerly of the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa, Syria was turned over to the Islamist authorities by her own ISIS-member son for the high crime of wanting to escape the repressive jihadist caliphate.

Prior to her betrayal, arrest and trial, al-Qasem intimated to her son, Ali Saqr al-Qasem, that she wanted him not only to quit ISIS, but join her in escaping the terrorist controlled territory. It was then that son ratted-out mother.

Beheaded Afghan child “honor killed” for refusing marriage.

After a rather quick trial on charges of apostasy, Lena was found guilty and then sentenced to death. Outside the old Raqqa Post Office where she was once employed, Lena was executed by a burst of fire presumably by an AK-47 assault weapon. To make the entire episode even more heinous, the trigger-man was her son, Ali Saqr.

Not exactly a rare example of the savagery associated with Muslim honor killing, other notable examples include:

  • An Afghan child was beheaded after refusing matrimonial proposals from two separate adult males “reportedly understood to be close relatives of the victim that live in the same village.”
  • A Yemeni father burned to death his daughter for talking to her fianc√© without his permission.
  • A four-month pregnant Jordanian mother was found with her throat slit, womb cut open, and both she and her unborn child were burned. Somehow, the mother and unborn child were considered a blot on the family honor.
  • A family of six, to include a 1-year-old baby, were all shot to death in Pakistan. Two of the daughters killed were separated from their husbands and living with their parents.
  • Pakistani parents acid-burned death their 16-year old daughter after being caught “looking at two boys on a motorcycle.”
  • While one of the female children of a Muslim family residing in the United Arab Emirates was swimming in the waters of the Persian Gulf, she found herself drowning. As she screamed for help, the father physically stopped young men from rescuing her because they were “strangers” and if they touched her, it would bring dishonor upon his family.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration has openly voiced it stated goal of bringing to American shores tens of thousands of so-called Muslim “refugees”.

Muslim honor killing comes to Sweden