MSNBC: ‘Duck Dynasty’ part of ‘white supremacist culture’

michael-eric-dysonLongtime contributor to the left-of-center MSBNC network Michael Eric Dyson left little to the imagination as he hammered the syndicated reality show “Duck Dynasty” of being part of the “majority white supremacist culture,” as reported by the right-of-center news portal on Dec. 27, 2013.

Georgetown University professor of sociology and regular of the “Lean Forward” network, Dyson slammed the wildly popular Duck Dynasty program as well as star Phil Robertson as essentially tools of the greater white culture in fomenting hatred against those different from themselves.

According to the professional academic and finder-of-fault in other people, Dyson propagates the notion that “Duck Dynasty” makes white folks hate other people, even without said white folks realizing it.

Specifically, Dyson stated on the “NOW w/Alex Wagner” show: (see video below)

Phil Robertson and the ‘Duck Dynasty’ is part of a majority white supremacist culture that either consciously or unconsciously incubates hatred toward those who are different.

Dyson’s appearance certainly isn’t his first with Alex Wagner.

Appearing on the MSNBC panel show after Barack Obama’s dismal performance in an early October presidential debate, Dyson claimed Fox News was responsible:

Obama has just been subject to the Fox News treatment of Angry Black Man, again.

Somehow, Dyson forgot that the debate in question wasn’t hosted by Fox News, but by PBS.

The sociologist also illustrated his need to enroll in both theology and a few civics courses when he continued to surround himself in controversy and questions of his credibility.

Dyson declared earlier this year that Attorney General Eric Holder was “the Moses of our time” and the “chief lawgiver of the United States.”

Constitutionally, the Attorney General doesn’t make laws, but rather, enforces law.

18 thoughts on “MSNBC: ‘Duck Dynasty’ part of ‘white supremacist culture’

  1. this stupid guy is the one who spreads hate all over this country, this kind of person thinks he can talk over peoples heads because he went to school and makes other people listen to what he has to say. Well guess what you dork, you make no sence at all and the only people that will listen to your stupid remarks is the people that already have hate on the brain anyway.

    1. And how does that make it a White Supremacist attitude. So your idea is that if you believe their is a right and wrong you have a white supremacist attitude?! Hogwash!!!! You have beliefs in what is right and wrong but it happens to be different from myself so does that make you a militant black pride and anti white?

  2. Well, this guy may be a douchebag, but he is right on the money that Phil Robertson is promoting intolerance and hate. If he wants to live his life according to the words of a magical sky wizard as they were supposedly written down a few thousand years ago, then more power to him. The rest of America isn’t living with a mindset that existed when the Persian Empire was around.

      1. I’m lying? I think its safe to say that the man is passing judgment on homosexuals. Why doesn’t he stick to worrying about what he’s doing with his own penis and let everyone else worry about what they’re doing with theirs.

        The guy seems perfectly willing to lump gays into the same category as terrorists when it comes to those deserving of god’s displeasure.

        Quote ““We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?” end Quote

        Why would you guys defend someone who could say something that ignorant? Do you not see that he by making that statement he is judging them? Or at least presuming that god is judging them?

        1. God is the one that has past judgement on those actions. We did not pass judgement. I treat all the same and have black friends. But nowhere in the Bible does it say being another color is a sin. However it does say that performing homosexual acts is a sin. You see I don’t care if you are a homosexual. God did not say liking people of the same sex is a sin. It’s the sexual act that is. God judged that not us.

    1. Phil Robertson said Homosexuality is a sin.. that’s all he said. He didn’t advocate violence or anything else.. So what? Why you worried about people who say it’s a sin? Why is it so important to you that everyone agree with that lifestyle?

    2. you are the douche , douche of the universe ! Phil R. never said anything hateful ! he expressed his views, racists are usually waving the race card !

    3. you are so right! the rest of America…Persian empire…” BECAUSE a majority of Americans are living with a mindset that existed PRIOR TO the rise and fall of the once great, then sexually immoral and destroyed Persian empire. the majority of Americans have received this “mindset” in their hearts and spirits from The Creator of all humans, past present & future. the majority of Americans recognized this mindset from The Author & Finisher Of Life is the reason this was (and may still be)the greatest nation to ever exist. the most free, the most benevolent, the most prosperous, the most inventive, etc. your tolerance, open-mindedness, inclusiveness, which came from God, those are good qualities to possess.

    4. It is not hater to believe that something is wrong. We have laws and ordinances that reflect our collective feeling of what is wrong or right. The problem is if someone has a different opinion you want to label them as haters. So the LGBT hate heterosexuals, since they do not agree with the majority. Again Balony!

  3. This moron is another in the ilk of J Jackson and A Sharpton. Anyway to instigate trouble is a good one. Just like them he makes money doing so. Ship them all back to Africa.

  4. ““majority white supremacist culture,””

    Abolish that abomination. It is time for anarchy and mob rule. Time for barbarians to rampage and pillage!!!!

    Let us commence ensuring that wonderful “street thug” culture becomes the dominant sub-culture of the many within the geo-political entity of the USA!!!!

  5. It sounds to me like Eric Dyson is the pot calling the kettle black. Look who is incubating hatred. Phil is not consciously or unconsciously incubating anything but duck calls. You, Mr. Dyson, are just another A$$hole looking for your 15 minutes of fame, ever how wrong you are. My question is: Have you sat down with Phil Robertson and had a Man to Man conversation? I will guarantee you have not because between the two of you, Mr. Robertson would be the only Man present. How about trying to talk to Phil before lambasting him. He is highly educated…do not be deceived by the beard. You, Eric, have prejudged him before knowing the facts. What does that make you?

  6. First off Joe Shmoe you are an intolerant moron. Why I’m even writing here amazes me. Bu this show( I refuse to call a legitimate anything) this channel is a joke. Nothing but race baiting hypocrites. how the FCC lets this continue boggles the mind.

  7. Phil Did Not Write The Bible! Phil Was Stating The Word Of God! God Is Very Clear On Homosexuality, Adultery, Idolatry, And All Immoral Sins. Turn And Sin No More. There Is No Place For Sinners In The Kingdom Of Heaven!!! Read The Bible, You Will See.

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