Egyptian TV: Muhammad a Pedophile, Narcissist, Murderer, False Prophet

16/10/09 TODAY height=

In what appears to originate from a television studio in Egypt, there was recently a panel discussion of the recently released book “The People vs Muhammad – Psychological Analysis” by J.K Sheindlin. 

In the open discussion portion after the presentation, one of the featured guests reacts in a manner than could best be described as “going off.” And not just a little. The show’s guest makes Alex Jones look like a whipped and freshly neutered puppy dog.

With the video clip translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), the yet to be publicly identified guest held little back. He described the founder of Islam as a pedophile, narcissist, schizophrenic and a murderer. Not quite done, the mystery date then described Muslims as brainwashed, ignorant and lied to.

While the enigmatic guest’s name has yet to be released via MEMRI, that very well may be a good thing. Since the video’s release, there is no word if the rather fiery guest is alive or dead.

It’s long been well known that simply for disagreeing with the writings of Muhammad, those residing in Muslim nations often come up missing, then eventually found dead.