Murdered Jordanian pilot: Mother dies of a broken heart


As the Jordanian nation continues to grieve over the savage execution of a Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot at the hands of ISIS terrorists, the already ailing mother of the serviceman died soon after viewing the video of her son being burned alive in a cage. As reported by the internet news aggregate Truth Revolt on Feb. 5, 2015, and also by the right-of-center The Gateway Pundit news portal on Feb. 4, 2015, word is bubbling to the surface in the Middle Eastern nation that Saafia al-Kasasbeh has died due to the overwhelming grief she’s endured since viewing the bestial slaying of her only son.

Since Abu Ward al-Raqqawi of the Syrian human right group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently posted on social media that the mother of Lt. Mu’ath al-Kasasbeh passed away when she saw for herself the filming of her son’s savage killing at the hands of ISIS Islamic jihadists, supporters of the terrorists have taken to Twitter to mock both the nation and family’s sorrow. In response to the posting on the micro-blogging site of the mother’s death, pro-terrorist tweeters have illustrated their apparent lack of sympathy or even the basics of civilized conduct:

RAH! THE JORDANIAN PILOTS MOTHER PASSED AWAY — أبو خطاب اليمني (@DawahOfTawheed) February 4, 2015

Hamza Al-Bosnevi @AlBosnevi I dont think she felt bad when he bombed other women and kids, so are we supposed to feel bad about her? 4 Feb 2015

Hamza Al-Bosnevi @AlBosnevi @DawahOfTawheed How mothers felt when they lost their kids from bombs? 4 Feb 2015

In the meantime, many Middle East watchers opine that the ISIS video was initially intended to stir the Jordanian people to rise up against their pro-Western sovereign King Abdullah II. However, the opposite effect is apparent since the Jordanian people have actually rallied to their king. Even Lt. Kasasbeh’s father, a powerful politician and clan leader himself, was respectfully in disagreement with King Abdullah’s decision to launch airstrikes against ISIS, calling it “America’s war.”

Yet since the tortuous killing of his son, he has joined the rest of the nation in supporting the monarchy and calling for the complete and total destruction of the ISIS terror network. As Safi al-Kasasbeh was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald, “The pain is deep. My son isn’t just the son of Safi al-Kasasbeh; he is the son of every Jordanian. Grief is now in the hearts of every Jordanian mother and every Jordanian father.”