British Muslim woman defends adult males having sex with pre-pubescent children

Muslim woman defends sex for 9-year-olds. (Twitter)
Muslim woman defends adult males having sex with 9-year-old girls. (Twitter)

As cited by’s Eric Reed, a Muslim woman claiming to reside in Great Britain has taken to social media to ostensibly defend Muhammad’s sexual relations with his 9-year-old child bride, Fatima.

Known by the nom de web of @Naddzy2012, the English Muslima has taken to Twitter delving into a topic in which more than a few Westerners are not only finding disgusting, but also criminal.

During a recent Twitter screed, @Naddzy2012 claims to be a normal everyday Muslim, she but alleges that a 9-year-old’s vagina is designed for and capable of performing the sex act. As seen below, the Twitter debate was rather heated.

tweetmohammadWhile claiming “paedophilia is without permission and marriage,” Naddzy at least gives tactic approval to kiddie sex, apparently only if the child agrees to it. She continued to rationalize per opinion based on “loads of children under the age of 16 have sex nowadays, and that’s not rape.”

image-36While Naddzy made sure to steer clear of actually naming Mohammad during the course of her argument, she eventually let the cat out of the bag. As seen below, she defended herself with “I never promoted child rape just defended my prophet”.