N. Korea’s Kim whacks uncle in grand style: Anti-aircraft machine guns

"Cute. Cute. Little baby. Little pee pee. Little toes. Now he's comin' to me. Crawl across. The kitchen floor." - Talking Heads, "Up All NIght"
I’m a little despot short and stout…

There’s and old saying the US Marine Corps: “Sometimes a sledgehammer is exactly the right tool for killing a fly.”

It would appear the diminutive leader of the Workers Paradise seems to have retained some of that knowledge during his history lessons of when American Leathernecks were providing his relatives and their Chinese allies their big chance to converse with the honorable ancestors a half a century ago, as reported by left-of-center news portal The Huffington Post on Dec. 24, 2013.

Possibly with the assistance of a few phone books, dictator for life and all-around-doesn’t-play-well-with-others Kim Jong-un ascended to power upon the death of his father Kim Jong-il two years ago, this month.

Anyone Lil’ Kim perceives as a threat is dispatched forthwith and sometimes fifthwith just to be sure.

Case in point: Uncle Jang Song-thaek, another powerful figure seen meandering in the North Korean Communist Party’s gilded halls, was accused by Kim of treason, corruption, substance abuse and a slew of other crimes that haven’t been verified by the West.

Nevertheless, there are still a few of Uncle Jang’s cronies seen lurking about.

Long story Kim, Kim had the two remaining Jang loyalists shot.

A lot.

With machine guns.

The kind used for shooting down airplanes (see video below).

More Kims Than A Valley Girl Sorority…

No stranger to unique methods of executing those who may have displeased him, Kim Jong-un ensured the death of Kim Chol, Vice Minister of the Army, who was dispatched with a mortar round in October 2012.

Kim Chol was reportedly executed for “drinking and carousing” during the official mourning period after the death of the current dictator’s father, Kim Jong-il.

On the explicit orders of Kim Jong-un to leave “no trace of him behind, down to his hair,” Kim Chol was forced to stand on a spot that had been zeroed in for a mortar round and “obliterated.”