Nancy Pelosi Claims POTUS Right to Seek Redress from SCOTUS is ‘Obstruction of Justice’

Obviously, Speaker Pelosi doesn’t believe that President Trump has his own Constitutional Right to seek redress from America’s judicial system.

Again, it’s fairly obvious that Madame Speaker is under the impression that the Legislative Branch is superior to the Judicial Branch. So much for checks and balances, ‘eh, Nancy?

As cited by CNN, here’s what the Congresswoman from San Francisco said about the President seeking his day in court if certain documents, namely his IRS returns, are legally considered to fall within the definition of “Right to Privacy” (which the courts have consistently ruled that tax records ARE protected by law); (emphasis mine)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi talked about the ongoing fight over Trump’s financial documents that the House has subpoenaed as part of its investigation.

She said the President’s actions of “bumping them up in court” — or continuing to appeal to a higher court — “is an obstruction of justice.”

On House Democrats’ decision to push forward and not wait for a final judicial decision in several of the cases, Pelosi said, “We’re not going to be accomplices to his obstruction of justice.”

Pelosi noted that these cases may wind up in front of the Supreme Court.

“So we’re waiting to see if the [Supreme Court] will even take up something that is so in defiance of their precedent that says yes, Congress has the right to subpoena and oversight over the executive branch.”

Sadly, Crazy Nancy fails to realize that the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES clearly states that if there is any question of legality between the Legislative and Executive Branches, it’s the Judicial Branch that’s the final arbiter… not the representative from Sodom by the Bay.