Nancy Pelosi’s Strange Stage Appearance: Was she Drunk, Exhausted, Showing her Age, or All of the Above?

One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer…

In the wake of getting the boot from the White House by President Trump, today’s rather interesting appearance by Nancy Pelosi before the decidedly left-leaning Center for American Progress was, shall we say… interesting.

I completely understand how stressful it must be to be the Speaker of the House, and I can only imagine the toll time takes on a 79-year-old mind and body.

But Pelosi’s constant slurring of her words was to the point of a reasonable individual questioning her sobriety.

Allow me to translate some Pelosispeak;

“Engasched” – Engaged

“Invezzagating” – Investigating

“Undersherrved” – Underserved

“United Stayzz” – United States

But if you doubt what I say, see the video for yourself. You be the judge.