NC Democratic party boss flips out, attacks GOP poll worker – kicks in the junk

Fulk (far left) tweets advocating belief in man-made climate change.
Fulk (far left) tweets advocating belief in man-made climate change.

Maybe it was a case of a Croc to the crotch or possibly even a construction boot to the boys. Whatever it was, local police have ruled out a pump to the rump. North-central North Carolina‘s Stokes County American Legion hall-turned-polling-station was the scene of the crime on election day as reported by The Washington Times on Nov. 5, 2014 and also byWGHB of High Point, NC on Nov. 6, 2014, as a local Democratic Party boss kicked a GOP volunteer directly in the groin after a round of name calling between the two.

The Chairwoman of the Stokes County Democratic Party Vivian Groves Fulk, 55, was arrested by police in the rural hamlet of King on a single count of simple assault againstRepublican campaign volunteer John Payton Bates. Reportedly, Bates was at the Legion hall to campaign on behalf of his niece, Republican Ronda Jones, who happened to win in her bid for re-election as a Stokes County commissioner.

By all reports, the two had some type of verbal confrontation that ran hot and cold throughout the course of the day. Although no one’s trousers have yet to catch aflame, there has been mutual accusations of liar, liar. Bates readily admits that during the course of a separate conversation with a third party, he referred to Fulk by a “profane name,” but also denied that he sought any sort of confrontation with her.

Apparently, Fulk overheard the conversation and was incensed at the pejorative used to describe her. It was then that Fulk injected herself into the conversation, demanding Bates apologize under pain of trounced testes. Refusing to apologize for anything said, Bates found his privates on the receiving end of Fulk’s footwear. To add insult to injury, Fulk dumped presumably hot herbal tea on the now doubled over Bates. Apparently not done yet, Fulk proceeded to kick Bates at least twice while he was down.

While Republicans in Stokes County won every contested office where party affiliation was listed on the ballot, it’s a matter of conjecture if the Democratic drubbing of Biblical proportions on the county, state and national level had anything to do with frayed nerves or foul moods. Nonetheless, the King Police Department charged Fulk with the assault then released her on the written promise to appear in court next month. Despite the town having only 6,500 residents, neither the PD’s Special Response Team nor any of their over $209,000.00 worth of “specialized equipment” was needed to take the Democrat party boss into custody.