Near total media black-out of patriotic Iranian-Americans protesting Rouhani, Iranian regime

Don’t blink. You just might miss the Establishment Media coverage of the hundreds of Persians protesting against the despot and thugocrat president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani.

Unfortunately, but fully expected, MSM was rather sparse when it came to assigning reporters to cover the protests outside Rouhani’s mid-town Manhattan hotel.

In fact, I had to go to a Chinese-centric (and anti-Chinese Communist Party), but New York-based news service, (New Tang Dynasty television) to find any comprehensive news on the Persian protesters.

Patriotic Persians stomp on photo of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

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“This Iranian regime has created a condition of terrorism in the region; they have created all these monstrous groups; they are all involved in them,” said Kazem Kazerounian, a professor from Connecticut who took part in the protest. “For 40 years, they have been threatening the world; they have been threatening their neighbors; they have been threatening the U.S.”

Some rally-goers mentioned U.S. President Donald Trump’s sanctions against Iran and his decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal as an effective means to end the Iranian regime’s hostilities.

“Sanctions against Iran is something that we have been asking for a long, long time. It is the only way that I can think of that would stop the Iranian Regime from doing what it’s doing,” Kazerounian said.

The Iran nuclear deal reached in 2015 under former President Barack Obama provided the country with an estimated $150 billion in sanctions relief, including payments of $1.7 billion from the United States to settle a decades-old arbitration claim.

Trump, who was a critic of the deal since before his presidential campaign, reimposed tight sanctions on Iran.

“Obama supported the [Iranian] government, But Trump’s sanctions put pressure on the Iranian government,” said Vahid Nasir, a contractor originally from Iran, who traveled from Los Angeles to take part in the protest.

Nasir lamented loudly when touching upon recent reports that former Secretary of State John Kerry, an Obama appointee, had met with top Iranian officials in an attempt to salvage the now-abandoned nuclear deal.

“I just want to say to Kerry, you got eight years to support the Iranian regime. They killed Iranian people, they tortured them and you didn’t say anything—just stop it. They [Obama administration] supported Hezbollah. Why are you doing that?” Nasir said.

Nasir said Kerry is still trying to “lobby” the regime. He mentioned how Obama allegedly canceled an investigation into Hezbollah, an Islamist terrorist group, to secure the nuclear deal.

Heir to the Peacock Throne, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi with wife, Crown Princess Yasmine (née: Etemad-Amini), and eldest of three daughters, Princess Noor.

Patriotic Persian-Americans protest Rouhani and Iranian regime, praise President Trump (video, below).

CNN highlights and celebrates murderous dictators and kleptocrats as they nervously giggling as our president threatens to turn off the American money spigot to the United Nations (video, below).

@AliSalari1965 documents anti-regime protests;