Media Amnesia: Never-Trumper Democrat Eric Swalwell Flat-Out Lies to the American People

The (dis)Honorable Mr. Swalwell (D-California).

As seen in the video below, failed presidential contender Rep. Eric Swalwell used the farcical congressional impeachment inquiry hearing to openly lie to the citizens of this nation.

Please don’t hold your breath waiting for the Democrat Party’s Ministry of Propaganda to correct Swalwell’s blatant dishonesty. You’ll certainly end up on the wrong side of the dirt.

Interestingly enough, during his run at the White House, Swalwell made a campaign emphasis his deep and bitter hatred of the POTUS. Laughingly enough, Swalwell never polled higher than the low decimal points.

But back to the topic at hand, the representative from the San Francisco Bay Area clearly made a point of stating, “The whistleblower has an absolute right to anonymity.”

Sadly for Swalwell, the U.S. Code begs to differ;

U.S.C. §3033(g)(3)(A)

(A) the Inspector General shall not disclose the identity of the employee without the consent of the employee, unless the Inspector General determines that such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation or the disclosure is made to an official of the Department of Justice responsible for determining whether a prosecution should be undertaken, and this provision shall qualify as a withholding statute pursuant to subsection (b)(3) of section 552 of title 5 (commonly known as the “Freedom of Information Act”)…



I’m not exactly the first one to point this out. Young Don Trump, Jr. beat me to the punch when he sent this info out on social media well over a week ego;

I’m all in favor of protecting any and all legitimate whistleblowers, but the fact of the matter is that said legit whistleblowers are correctly entitled to protection, not anonymity… period.