Newsweek editor finds ‘art’ in kiddie rape

Fasih Ahmed, editor of Newsweek, Pakistan edition.

A little girl was recently raped and murdered in Pakistan, but in a nation where little girls are routinely murdered by their own family members in the name of “family honor”, the news of this barely raised a blip on the American 24-hour news cycle.

As reported by the SBS news network of Australia;

Pakistani police Tuesday arrested the key suspect pakistanaccused of raping and murdering a young girl in a case that enraged the country and stoked fears a serial killer was preying on children in the city of Kasur.

The killing of seven-year-old Zainab Fatima Ameen – the 12th child found raped and murdered in Kasur within a two-kilometre radius in the last two years – sparked riots, with thousands swarming police stations and setting fire to politicians’ homes, accusing authorities of inaction.

While almost nothing is on par with the raping and killing of a little girl, it could be argued that so-called journalists being indifferent, if not down-right callous, to the same rape and murder is rubbing salt into the already broken hearts of Zainab’s grieving family, especially her parents.

But that’s exactly what Fasih Ahmed, editor and publisher of Newsweek Pakistan, did in a slew of heartless and rather elitist tweets;

In an unrelated tweet, Ahmed leaves little doubt regarding his degree of journalistic integrity (or lack thereof) and complete lack of objectivity;

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