No… Nazis are NOT Conservatives, Alt-Right, or Right-Wing

It’s a fair bet that most people reading this consider themselves right-wingers.

Maybe you’re just slightly right-of-center establishment Republican, maybe you’re hard-core laissez-faire Libertarian, but one things for sure; you’re probably not a fan of big government.

So it’s in defense of conservatives everywhere that I take as insulting when lefties refer to Nazis as “right-wingers” … or even worse, “alt-right.”

Let’s get it straight – Nazis are leftists. They are far from being polar opposites to Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Maoists, and the rest of the totalitarian Big Brother-types that George Orwell warned us of.

First of all, who is it that tags the Nazis, Neo-Nazis, whoever, as right-wing?

That would be the leftist academics who write the history books, and the DNC’s very own Ministry of Propaganda, the Establishment Media. Just on the grounds of those two examples alone are reason enough to look upon the “Nazis are right-wing” label with a jaundiced eye.

So why do leftie elitists refer to the Nazis as right-wing? Just my theory, but so they can distance the Nazis from their brother communists.

But let’s be honest, shall we? As I alluded to earlier in this article, the Nazis and the Communists aren’t simply two feuding parties diametrically opposed to each other, the Nazis and the Communists are more like feuding brothers.

While true right-wingers adhere to:

  • Small government
  • Individual achievement
  • Promotions based on merit

Lefties (to include their Nazi brethren) believe with all their hearts:

  • Big government to the point of One-Party Totalitarianism
  • Dependence on the state
  • Promotions based on adherence to loyalty to the state

Yeah, the former is what the United States was designed by the Founding Fathers to be. The latter is what Lenin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s China, and Hitler’s Germany was designed to be.

Secondly, the proper name of the Nazi Party is Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or in English: the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Did anyone else notice that the second word is “Socialist”? Nonetheless, lefties today vehemently believe that “Socialist” when it comes to “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” has nothing to do with real Socialists, like them.

OK, fine. I won’t play word games.

Suffice it to say that Herr Schicklgruber’s first political party was as a member of Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), or in English: German Workers’ Party, which was the forerunner of the Nazi Party.

The DAP was well-known as not only despising democracy, but also was no friend of capitalism.  In fact, the DAP was a big time proponent of “income redistribution.” Kind of sounds like the Communist Party, doesn’t it?

Without fail, lefties usually make a point of citing that the first word in Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei is “Nationalist”. According to lefties, “nationalist” is another dirty word. But that’s a different article for a different day.

Anyhow, the word cited is actually “National,” not “Nationalist.” Does this mean that the following groups and organizations are somehow “nationalists”;

  • National Association of Landscape Professionals
  • National Barbecue & Grilling Association
  • National Association of Tax Professionals
  • National CPR Association

I’m sure you get the picture.

By the way, “alt-right” was coined a decade ago by Professor Paul Gottfried in response to “neo-cons” within the Republican Party. Gottfried was and still is a proponent of what the Founders envisioned for the United States, especially the whole nation building and big government movements that RINOs continue to push the GOP down those particular paths.

If you didn’t know, Prof. Gottfried is Jewish.

Face it, the only real difference between the Nazis and the Communists is that one group owes its allegiance to the German nation, while the other owes its allegiance to international socialism, period.