No Taxation Without Representation: Non-Stop Federal TAX DOLLARS to Liberal Strongholds

They had the right idea.

There was a time when patriotic Americans took up arms against a tyrannical government that refused to respect the lawful rights of the same aggrieved citizens.

The rallying cry of those patriots? “No taxation without representation.”

Yet what most Americans fail to remember of their War of Independence lessons as children was that the Colonials went as far as to petition King George III, the House of Lords, as well as the House of Commons that the people of British North America considered themselves as patriotic subjects of the King wanting nothing more than a voice in Parliament.

In fact, the Colonials really weren’t all that upset with a minimal British tax over certain goods and services. But what really pissed them off was the notion that the government was going to forcibly take their money (taxation) without even as much as one of their own within the halls of power (representation).

But back to present day, every year Congress allocates and the President signs off on billions of taxpayer dollars to liberal dung-heaps that are largely governed by liberal scumbags who will do their level best to protect hardened criminals.

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio informed any and all illegal aliens within the boundaries of the New York City limits, “We will do everything that we can to protect you.”

Chicago’s recently elected Mayor Lori Lightfoot “directed the Chicago Police Department to not cooperate with ICE raids and ordered them to terminate ICE’s access to CPD’s databases related to federal immigration enforcement activities. Lightfoot reaffirmed her commitment to that directive Thursday, saying in a statement that ‘we will continue to object to any planned raids this weekend.'”

Not to be outdone, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaimed, “Houston Police Department is not ICE. We are not going to be participating with ICE on these type of raids.”

Wait a second… when did I have a say in New York or Chicago or Houston? Oh, that’s right. I don’t.

Nevertheless, mayors, governors, senators, and congressmen just like de Blasio, Lightfoot, and Turner openly protect hardened, violent criminals, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it.

Two hundred and forty three years ago they had a saying for this sort of thing; “No taxation without representation.”