Normalizing pedophilia: ‘Rick and Morty’ co-creator tweets drawing of nude Barron Trump

While I do consider the adventures of the always inebriated super-genius Rick Sanchez and his über-nerdy grandson Mortimer “Morty” Smith as one of the funniest shows on television, some of the real life actions of the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland are flat-out disgusting, if not criminal.

On the heels of fellow “Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon apologizing for “a fake baby rape video he filmed in 2009” as reported by, a tweet sent out by Roiland depicts a 2017 sexually graphic cartoon drawing of First Son Barron Trump.

As Breitbart reporter Ben Kew noted;

In the drawing posted by Justin Roiland in April 2017, Barron Trump is seen wearing a pair of virtual reality goggles and a t-shirt but is naked from the waist down. President Trump and cartoon characters Homer Simpson and Family Guy’s Peter Griffin are also seen in the background of the image.

“Donald trump forcing baron to play VR, while homer and Peter eat smurfs nearby,” Roiland wrote in the now-deleted tweet. An image of the tweet with the drawing was captured and published by the Gateway Pundit, which edited out Barron Trump’s exposed genitals.

The drawing is signed by a man named Jim Davis on an erasable whiteboard, although it is not believed to be the Jim Davis who created Garfield.

To their credit, while the Gateway Pundit did censor-out the drawing of Barron’s genitals, Roiland, nonetheless, still posted on social media a sexually exploitive image of child pornography. Last time I checked, that’s against the law.

In the meantime, proponents of legal-aged adults engaging in sex with minors are in a full-court press to normalize pedophilia.

In 2017, the Gateway Pundit noted that the reliably leftist Salon magazine had just deleted an online op/ed piece written by “self-identified pedophile Todd Nickerson of the website ‘Virtuous Pedophiles’”.

The title of Nickerson’s article? “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster”.

As David Limbaugh of asked rhetorically;

Does Nancy Pelosi truly support the National American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) or just proudly march in parades with them and receive 90 percent approval from their ACLU enablers? Inquiring minds surely want to know.

Speaking of NAMBLA, when questions of the age-of-consent are brought up, their solution is rather simple – just make the age-of-consent laws go away. As cited from the NAMBLA faq page;

Q: Why do you oppose age-of-consent laws?

A: Opposing age-of-consent laws is not our only focus; it is one part of our broader criticism of North American social and legal practices. We believe that these laws do great harm to people and relationships that do not deserve to feel the crushing weight of the heavy hand of the law. Just as important, age-of-consent laws do not adequately protect young people. They have often been applied arbitrarily and unjustly, and have long been used to terrorize gay males. Gay youth in particular have been targets of extreme persecution through the selective application of age-of-consent laws.