Not Only No, but Hell No: California Wants Everyone Else’s Tax Dollars

Does anyone honestly believe that California will buckle down and kick-in some austerity measures…?

California’s Gov. Gavin Newsome is making quite a bit of noise in regards to the federal government bailing out the Golden State due to the Democrat Party’s stranglehold on every aspect of state government.

Between the Governor’s Mansion, both chambers of the state legislature, and the state supreme court, the Democrats have what’s vest described as a super majority. Did I happen to mention that Democrats haven’t a clue when it comes to even the basics of economics?

Between the California’s ever-growing homeless problem (half the nation’s homeless call the state home), the already bursting at the seams illegal alien population, and the number of corporations leaving for greener pastures elsewhere, California’s quickly going broke.

Yet the problem with their busted economy has nothing to do with lack of funds. Even the state’s official budget website admits to pulling in some pretty serious coin;

Revenue, including transfers, is expected to be $137 billion in 2018-19 and $143 billion in 2019-20.

So while California pulls in well over $100 million a year, should I be angry that President Trump is even thinking about bailing out California? You’re damn right I am.

To add insult to injury, those eejit Democrats have taken quite a shine to the rather dimwitted notion that it’s a good idea to subsidize millions of illegal aliens, and I don’t mean just a couple of bucks. Keep in mind, “Nearly a quarter of the nation’s undocumented immigrants reside in California, where they constitute more than 6% of the state’s population”, as noted by the Public Policy Institute of California.

As cited by the Government Accountability Office from November 1994; (Emphasis mine)

Concerns about the financial burden of providing public benefits and services to illegal aliens have prompted several states, including California, to sue the federal government for repayment of these costs. These states have sought reimbursement on the basis that immigration is exclusively a federal responsibility and that federal assistance should be provided to states disproportionately affected by illegal immigration. California has filed suits seeking reimbursement of state costs for incarceration and parole of illegal alien felons and Medicaid benefits provided to illegal aliens. California also plans to file an additional lawsuit for reimbursement of costs associated with elementary and secondary education.

Illegal aliens are a concern not only because they are breaking immigration laws, but also because their presence affects a wide range of issues of public concern. These issues include the government costs of providing benefits and services to illegal aliens and the impact illegal aliens’ presence has on the employment of U.S. workers.

After reviewing the three studies [health care, prison, public education], we found that by selecting the most reasonable of their assumptions, we were able to adjust the state of California’s most recent fiscal year 1994-95 cost estimates for education and adult incarceration of illegal aliens. We did not adjust the state’s Medicaid cost estimate because the data we would need to do so are not currently available. Our adjusted fiscal year 1994-95 estimate of the state and local impact of illegal aliens on these three programs is $2.35 billion.

Well over $2 billion a year? Remember, these numbers are from nearly a quarter of a century ago.

For something a bit more up to date, Fox News reported last year, “Gov. Gavin Newsom recently asked for an extra $50 million from lawmakers to serve the state’s illegal immigrant population.”

Wait, what? $50 million **more**? So just how much does California spend on illegal aliens annually? According to National Economics Editorial;

Illegal immigrants and their children cost the State of California a net $30.29 billion per year. This equates to $7,352 per illegal alien, or roughly 17.7 percent of California’s state budget.

Now that the word’s out, allow me to tell not only President Trump, but also Governor Newsome… as a US, taxpaying citizen who isn’t a California resident, why in the hell should any of my tax dollars possibly be going to Sacramento? I don’t seem to recall having any elected official representing me in the Bear Republic.

If the Democrats on the Left Coast have enough to piss away on illegals, they can pay for their own damn problems.

Didn’t our forefathers fight a war of independence over taxation without representation? They sure did. Speaking of our forefathers, if they were around present day, they’d already be inserting their second magazine.