NY Democrat Candidate Tells Followers to ‘Report’ Trump Voters

Democrat candidate for western New York’s 27th Congressional District Nate McMurray just last month got his ass handed to him by now-Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY) in a special election to fill the seat vacated by Rep. Chris Collins earlier last year.

Nonetheless, if Rep. Jacobs wants to stick around in DC longer than six months, he’s going to have to run for election all over again this November.

Proving that everything old is new again, Jacobs will be facing leftie Democrat Nate McMurray… again.

But it’s doubtful that McMurray stands a snowball’s chance in hell. As previously noted, McMurray got his clocked cleaned last month.

Not only did Jacobs win, he kicked McMurray’s ass all up and down the street by a margin of nearly 70 percent of the vote for Jacobs, while McMurray garnered only 29.5 percent.

From the looks of the messages McMurry is sending out on social media, it sure looks as if he has some sort of a political death wish.

As re-tweeted by First Amendment activist Matthew Kolken, on July, 1, McMurray is urging American citizens to “report” Trump supporters;

Perhaps realizing he just stepped into some rather deep shit, McMurray tweeted out early Friday morning a bit of backing-down to his earlier call to fascism.

Instead of reporting Trump supporters, if anyone you know even gives the POTUS the benefit of the doubt, McMurray now directs his followers to “TALK TO THEM”;

If you thought this was a done deal, guess again.

Right around mid-day Friday, McMurray appears to have completely taken a rather large dump of the Bill of Rights;

Here are just a few of the responses to social media that McMurray probably didn’t think he’d get;