NY Republican in hot water, Barack ‘a lazy ass,’ Michelle ‘a man’

New Yorker under fire for calling Michelle Obama a man. (Youtube)
New Yorker under fire for calling Michelle Obama a man. (Youtube)

If the November 8 presidential election would have turned out differently, there’s a good chance that Carl Paladino may not have ever uttered that Michelle Obama is really a man and that as of January 20, he/she could move to Africa and spend the rest of his/her days living in a cave with a gorilla.

But wait, there’s more.

When the honorary  co-chairman of President-elect Donald Trump’s New York campaign was fully expected by apoplectic liberals to be fully repentant, that’s when he really let loose.

The Buffalo developer and city school board member doubled then tripled down on his very politically incorrect critique of the Obamas.

As reported by USA TODAY, in an interview with Buffalo’s alt-media Artweek publication, Paladino specifically said of Michelle Obama;

“I’d like (Michelle Obama) to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”

With the predictable outrage from the Left, “Paladino’s remarks drew near-immediate backlash from officials and many social-media users in western New York, some of whom called on him to give up his school board seat. Instead, Paladino doubled down, claiming the remarks were meant to be humorous and had ‘nothing to do with race.'”

Furthermore, the former Republican gubernatorial hopeful went on to leave little question as to exactly what his sentiments were;

His lengthy, 527-word statement referred to President Barack Obama as a “lazy ass president” while criticizing him for everything from his handling of the Syrian conflict to his treatment of the military to his opposition to Trump’s presidential campaign.

“And yes, it’s about a little deprecating humor which America lost for a long time,” Paladino said of his Artvoice response. “Merry Christmas and tough luck if you don’t like my answer.”

Paladino’s Artvoice remarks also targeted President Obama, with Paladino saying he hopes the president contracts mad cow disease by having a relationship with cattle.

“He dies before his trial and is buried in a cow pasture next to (Obama adviser) Valerie Jarret (sic), who died weeks prior, after being convicted of sedition and treason, when a Jihadi cell mate mistook her for being a nice person and decapitated her,” Paladino said in response, according to the alt-weekly.

25 thoughts on “NY Republican in hot water, Barack ‘a lazy ass,’ Michelle ‘a man’

  1. The President and First Lady have disgraced their positions, encouraged division, hatred racism,and terrorism with the pro Muslim position/anti traditional allies and military behavior. Shame on them both. The school board guy simply allowed his disappointment and anger get put of hand…unlike Obama his tirade will not encourage racist protests and murdered police.

    1. The Paladino interview above is well worth listening to. It shows how political correctness has prevented honest thinking about issues that need to be solved. The educational system has turned most inner city kids into ignorant fools, because of political correctness, and Paladino correctly points that out.

  2. If any of this is true, the there isn’t a nerve he hasn’t hit. Quite a trolling world record. I hate the Obama’s, but these comments lack class, artistry, or adult sophistication.

  3. Mr Palaidno says it the exact way the majority of Americans feel ,if you dont like his comment then dont read it more than once .The days of political correctness are at the end of the rope ,we now have a new president moving in to the” WHITE ” house where America will become stronger and the PC will be nothing more than a memory !!!!!

  4. Kudos to Carl Paladino! Yes! Time to get rid of PC nonsense!!Good job, Carl! Respect you for saying the truth n how it really is!!!Merry Christmas!!

  5. Carl Palladino’s comments are nothing more than what one could call an off-color joke… The Obama’s have hated this country from the very beginning. Carl Palladino’s use of humor is not a bad thing. He should not have to defend himself.

    What he says in this interview is thoroughly relevant, substantive, and valid.

  6. I didn’t know strong men like this were still around. America did lose her sense of humor and I am tickled pink to see it coming back and men like Paladino speak with the voice of reason. Listen to him, we do have issues we need to fix and stop talking about racism.

  7. As an american who believes in equal opportunities and rights for all law abiding citizens, I salute you carl! Thank you for saying what needs to be said!

  8. Carl Paladino claims his controversial remarks are the only way now to grab the attention of the press in order to have a chance to air out the deepr issues to the public. I have a lot of issues with Paladino and I also have a moral issue with being controversial just to get attention from anyone or anything, but unfortunately and to no surprise, the media proved him right here. As far as his criticism of the Obama administration when it comes to what Obama has done and not done for our country, I think Paladino is spot on here. Paladino (along with Michael Caputo and Roger Stone) was such a jerk and a liar when it came to Ted Cruz and his wife, it pains me to give him any credit for anything.

  9. Right on, just because you insult someone you don’t like does not mean you are a racist. Not hiring a person cause they are black, Asian, polish, or Irish, is racist.

  10. He detests Obama and has no use for Michelle! I get that and he is entitled to his opinion…..one that I share btw! But he crossed the line with his slurs….not because of who the Obamas are, but simply because such remarks demean both the speaker and anyone associatedcti that speaker!! President-elect Trump needs to speak out against this in no un-certain terms and demand an apology!! The man, by his remarks is unfit to serve in ant oublic office!!

  11. Carl you hit the square on lefts heads. About time someone stands up calls the kettle black. Left isn’t use to being called out.

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