Obama fanatics meet the definition of ‘Cult’

ObamaLastSupperBen Shapiro of KRLA in Los Angeles as well as the Editor-At-Large for Breitbart News penned further examples of what he’s tagged the Obama Worship Syndrome, as reported by the Fairborn Daily Herald (of Ohio) on Dec. 13, 2013.

On the heels of many in the media have been accused of long abandoning objective journalism in favor of willingly becoming the literal Ministry of Propaganda for the current Administration, Shapiro highlights:

  • “CNN’s Piers Morgan responding in a past telecast if the more-than-slightly rotund Chris Christie could ever make a successful run for the White House: ‘After the perfect Barack Obama — who’s a perfect physical specimen to many people’s eyes — does it matter?'”

    An unidentified man drops to his knees that the passing of the presidential motorcade.
    An unidentified man drops to his knees at the passing of the presidential motorcade.
  • Perhaps the High Priest of the Cult of Obama MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who infamously once declared that Obama made a ‘tingle’ go up his leg has also pontificated live and in living color that Obama also happens to be: ‘the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American,’ explaining that Obama has ‘never done anything wrong in his life, legally, ethically, whatever.'”

Despite the fawning antics of the majority of the Fourth Estate, what isn’t getting ink spilled is how the Cult of Obama has grown among Joe and Jane Lunchpail.

Or in the case of Obama, Joe and Jane Foodstamp.

St. Barry of Nairobi, ora pro nobis.
St. Barry of Nairobi, ora pro nobis.

What was first looked upon as a somewhat humorous novelty item back in 2008, the Obama Votive Candles have since become oh-so-passé, yet from that figurative bad seed has sprung the Mighty (Sacred) Oak of ObaWorship.

No Need to Dust Off Your Old Sociology Books…

One surefire sign that a mere following has mutated into a full blown cult would be if the leader is placed in higher stead than one’s nation or even that of The Almighty.

When those who would otherwise be looked upon as normal folk start to replace not only their national patriotism but also their religious faith with instead the deification of the cult leader, in the words of former astronaut Jack Swigert, “Houston, we have a problem.”

In a Barry state of mind.

Also appealing to the weak-minded, barely educated and socially unsophisticated, another no doubter would be current members promoting their Dear Leader on mass media platforms that cater to those who are easily attracted to the shaking of car keys as well as squirrels running across the yard.

Falling into those categories would be fan faves of mouth-breathers and free cell phone users everywhere such as:

  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • Pimp with the Limp
  • The View

Using his best ‘Hood accent.

4 thoughts on “Obama fanatics meet the definition of ‘Cult’

  1. The man is a delusional evil person that abuses power. That my friend is dangerous. Don’t get caught up in his reign of terror of the minds that give him a chance even.

    1. Ricky, I absolutely agree with you! People who worship obama are just as sick as he is, they do not see the truth about what he is doing to work against the success of our country!

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