Obama rejected at hoity-toity golf courses


It’s not all that often that the Chief Executive of the United States gets told no. The chances of a president being told no over and over again are arguably astronomical. Yet as reported by NBC New York and the Politico.com news portal, both on Sept. 10, 2014, that exactly what happened to Barack Obama during his recent round of fund raising appearances in the North East.

Fresh off his golf heavy two week vacation to the über-ritzy and equally über-rich Martha’s Vineyard, Obama tore himself away from the demands of the Oval Office this past Labor Day long weekend to cruise New York and Rhode Island to raise money for the coffers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. With his love for the links well known, more than a few in his inner circle wouldn’t exactly be surprised to see their boss make a break from the rubber chicken circuit to catch a quick round or two.

Unfortunately for the Duffer in Chief, at least three of the region’s swankiest golf courses have shot his request down in flames. Without names being mentioned, enigmatic representatives of the Trump National Golf Club, the Winged Foot and Willow Ridge courses figuratively smacked down efforts from Team Obama to secure a tee time. Of the cited sources, the three named clubs were “among some” of the many courses to refuse Obama’s request.

Reportedly, the presidential advance team contacted a number of club managers in both New York and Connecticut, but as noted by NBC New York, the vast majority of the managers “apparently did not want to inconvenience” their well-heeled members by shutting down their courses to accompany Obama, especially during a holiday weekend. It was also noted that among the tonier clubs, it’s just not that unusual for membership to be at least $100,000.

But for those who wouldn’t begrudge more golf for Obama, the Fairview Country Club in Greenwich (Connecticut) didn’t deny golfing fanatic an opportunity to play his favorite game. Despite the various courses receiving a mere 24-48 hour notice, They were the only club that accommodate his request.