Obama speaks to half empty stadium at Mandela tribute

Not exactly the outpouring as advertised.
Not exactly the outpouring as advertised.

What many in the Western media have billed as the world’s the biggest funeral since the death of Winston Churchill hasn’t exactly started out that way, as reported by The Washington Times on Dec. 10, 2013.

Both in Great Britain and the United States have major news organizations gushed at the predicted outpouring of sheer numbers at the Mandela commemorations.

The Mirror of London, England and America’s New York City-based MSNBC have both name dropped Britain’s famed World War II Prime Minister Winston Churchill, claiming that the State Funeral of former President Nelson Mandela will rival the 300,000 who honored the leader who saw the United Kingdom through the bloodiest war in recent history.

The Largest Stadium in All Africa…

With the field of play completely cleared of attendees, the only seating at Soweto’s FNB Stadium that even came close to maximum capacity was the third upper tier.

The Washington Times estimated that only half the seats in the 95,000 capacity stadium were actually filled.

Organizers won’t be able to blame the rain showers on the low turnout due to rain being a sign of good luck in South Africa, as cited by NPR.com.

Although not 100 percent successful, certain Western media outlets such as NBC took care during their live telecast of the event to show only crowded sections of the seating, thusly giving the impression of a full house.

12 thoughts on “Obama speaks to half empty stadium at Mandela tribute

  1. What they fail to mention that it was the weather that kept folks from showing up. It was raining cats and dogs at the Stadium and all you could see was a mass of raised umbrellas.

      1. Right on Beth, Mr. Churchill’s funeral could have had that place filled to capacity with the whole area crammed full outside.

    1. who cares Mandela is a terrorist murdering scumbag along with the rest of the so called DIPLOMAT’S in attendance. Mandella needed to face a firing squad 27 years ago when he admitted to all the bombings.

      America now caters to the terrorist since Obama came into office by bribes and deceit


    2. “Organizers won’t be able to blame the rain showers on the low turnout due to rain being a sign of good luck in South Africa, as cited by NPR.com.”

    3. Jesse, if you had actually read the article you would see that they mentioned that in it. The rain isn’t what stopped them from coming to the memorial service. Maybe it’s because he was a democrat socialist, Nah that can’t be it.

    4. If you read the article you would have known about the rain being a great thing in Africa. They didn’t fail to mention the rain at all.

  2. It is because it is not safe to travel today and certainly not safe in South Africa. I’m not surprised.

  3. This is ridiculous! They failed to mention the recent scandals in South African politics.
    Current president Zuma is accused on multiple accounts of corruption. People want to commemorate their hero, not attend some political shindig with hypocrite Zuma.

    It’s very easy to check up on these statements. Another fact to prove my point, during and after Obama’s speech the crowd went wild with cheers. After the speech it was Zuma’s turn. and more than half the people, in the already marginally filled stadium, left!

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