Obama wants your signed pledge to discuss ObamaCare over Thanksgiving Dinner

"Cut his head off... like this."
“Cut his head off… like this.”

Take the plunge, take the pledge…

Barack Obama pledged to fundamentally change the United States when he was first elected in 2008. Now he wants you to pledge to fundamentally change how you spend your Thanksgiving Dinner, as reported by The Daily Caller on Nov. 25, 2013.

Other than the annual ritual of choking down cranberry sauce and watching the Lions lose to whoever, Obama is taking to social media in a move to motivate everyone to talk ObamaCare whilst gobbling’ on the gobble-gobble.

With the somewhat Stalinist sounding appellation of Organizing for Action (formerly known as Obama for America), the community organizers happen to run both barackobama.com as well as his personal Twitter account.pledge2

And OFA has been more than a little active at motivating the base of the Democratic Party to discuss his signature legislation during both Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.

Despite the website for ObamaCare being an unmitigated disaster by any measurable standard, OFA has taken to the internet recently not only to prompt revelers to talk ObamaCare, but also to sign a cyber-pledge promising the White House that the Health Care Exchange would be brought up at the dinner table.

The barackobama.com site left no indication of how many people have taken the pledge to date or how and if it will be enforced.

Faithful readers of KevinWhiteman.com are asked instead to recite “The Night Before Thanksgiving – Southern Style” to family and friends prior to giving thanks to God Almighty for the many blessing He’s bestowed upon us.

Obama website pleads for cyber-pledge.
Obama website pleads for cyber-pledge.

3 thoughts on “Obama wants your signed pledge to discuss ObamaCare over Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. I have no doubt my family WILL BE discussing Obamacare – But it won’t be what the Administration is hoping for! No doubt we will all be discussing our refusal to participate in our own robbery!

  2. How about In Thank you to our Man and Women who give us this Blessing Country and TO GOD who protect us ? And thank you for the Freedom and the Liberty the right to bear Arms 2nd Amendment Rights of Property our Republic is unique in the World and make us Special ? This will be more better than you Arrogant SOB to tell us what to talk over the thanksgiving Diner

  3. Mr. Obama
    We will not discuss or mention your name on Thanksgiving, as there is nothing thankful about you being president, let alone discuss your ‘ObamaCare’. You sir are a liar. You lied bold faced to us in order to garner the votes necessary for the ACA to pass. In fact I can best describe you in this manner – as the most vile, evil, despicable, deceitful, loathsome, racist, feckless, petulant, nefarious, narcissistic, arrogant, detestable, anti US Constitution, anti-military, pathological lying, integrity stricken, morally corrupt, divisive, destructive sociopath to have ever soiled OUR Oval Office.
    This will probably be a very stark Thanksgiving for people around the country who lost their health care insurance thanks to you, next year I doubt there will be a Thanksgiving when the full ramifications of your insanity takes effect.

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