Obama’s flaccid foreign policy: America’s case of Electile Dysfuntion

One, two, three, four …

America just felt its national sperm count drop to almost Joni Ernst proportions. Our own Herman Munster of Diplomacy apologized to France via the follicly challenged King of Wuss-Rock James Taylor as he warbled through the almost half century old ode to everything John Wayne would have hated, “You’ve Got a Friend.” Sadly, what Kerry thought was erudite and urbane just came off as embarrassing and oafish.

I’m not sure which out-face palm’s Kerry’s über-stupid decision; Mikie Dukakis’ The Muppets Take the 1st Armored Division moment or Hillary Clinton’s hommage to amateur hour when her overtly incompetent staff couldn’t seem to figure out how to properly spell “re-set” in Cyrillic script. Possibly the only thing that could have out-pantywaisted James Taylor would have been Jackson Browne appearing before Le Congrès du Parlement Français to apologize for having external genitalia. I’ll bet Kerry could have made that happen if he really wanted to.

But in all fairness to the nation’s most famous fake Irishman, John *ahem* Kerry was probably just taking a que from past Secretary of State Henry Kissinger when he reached back almost 50 years in music history in his 1971 effort to jump start the stalled Paris Peace Talks. Remember when Heinz dug up Annette Hanshaw to croon and swoon miffed Commie-Pinko representative Le Duc Tho back to the negotiating table?

What – you don’t recall when Hanshaw belted out her 1929 toe-tapper “I Wanna be Loved by You” to Long Duk Dong (or whatever the hell his name is)? Oh … that’s right. Kissinger never did any such thing.

And people still can’t fathom how the Wussification of Obama’s America fosters the why-should-we-even-try mentality. The Surrenderistas on both sides of the pond whine more than a teething baby flying coach at the mere whiff of taking even a squishy stance against global Islamist Jihadism.

Germany’s Deutsche Welle is under the impression that the best way to deal with terrorists is “We need a better penal system that isolates Islamists in order to put a stop to prisons being used as a mechanism for radicalization.” As if that wasn’t gutless enough, the National Review’s Rich Lowry appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press where he opined on tracking the bad guys, “Well, a couple things, it highlights the importance of surveillance. And these guys fell through the cracks in France, just as Andrea [Mitchell] was astute, there are too many targets to follow in France.”

Here’s my sure fire idea of of keeping track of the bad guys – execute them.

Is counting headstones really that difficult? Here, I’ll even be multicultural about it:

  • One, two, three…
  • Un, deux, trois…
  • Eins, zwei, drei…
  • Uno, dos, tres…
  • Jeden, dwa, trzy…

See? Not hard at all.

Europe needs to rescind their laws against capital punishment, then the EU and the US need to broaden what would rate a trip to the gallows. Personally, if someone is found guilty of propagating and/or recruiting for terrorism, execute them. If someone is found guilty of financing and/or providing logistical support for terrorism, execute them. If someone is found guilty of conspiring and/or carrying out a terrorist act, execute them.

Yes, it really is that simple. After all, we really haven’t had many problems with Timothy McVeigh lately, have we?

Is Obama’s foreign policy best summed up by “You’ve Got a Friend”? No, this is more like it.