Obama’s good 1 million Europeans; bad 1 million Europeans


Pegged by the world’s media as the Freedom March, this past weekend’s overtly anti-Islamic Jihadist protest march in Paris not only drew well over 1 million citizens of the French Republic, but also a wide cross section of leaders from across the globe ranging from Spain’s Catholic Prime Minister Mariano Rejoy to Jordan’s Muslim King Abdallah to Israel’s Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Noted by the press as well as the French people for failing to send a senior representative to the march, the Obama Administration is starting to feel the heat.

As reported by both Bloomberg news and the Washington Post on Jan. 12, 2015, politicians, pundits, and John Q. Public are coming down hard specifically on Barack Obama for failing to ensure that someone of higher diplomatic rank than our ambassador to France was an active participant in reportedly the largest gathering in French history. Despite many on the political right accusing the standard mainstream media of essentially being lapdogs for Obama, even the likes of CNN ran a screaming headline that read, “Where was Obama?”

Not alone, The New York Daily News jabbed its quill directly in the Chief Executive’s chest: “You let the world down.” Yet another biting bit of opinion came from CNN’s Jake Tapper, who plainly stated: “I say this as an American — not as a journalist, not as a representative of CNN — but as an American: I was ashamed.”

With initial reports claiming outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder was acting as the American standard bearer at the Freedom March, it turns out he never attended. Holder’s presence in the City of Lights was simply coincidental as he attended a meeting reportedly on counter-terrorism. Secretary of State John Kerry elected to remain in India for a “climate change” gabfest.

White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest was rather mum on exactly what Obama and Biden were so engaged in that they couldn’t attend. As reported, Obama was simply “at the White House” through the weekend while Biden was “at his home in Delaware.”

However, some still give the appearance of carrying water for Obama by penning the reason neither he or his vice president attended was due to the Secret Service giving the kibosh to any such visit on grounds of security. As the WaPo’s Paul Waldman wrote that Obama’s participation would have been “absurd.” Waldman went on to note “It would have been all but insane for President Obama to participate in a march, in public, in a foreign country, with a couple million people around him. The security requirements necessary to protect him make it impossible.”

Not merely a blip on the media radar, Waldman wasn’t the only nation-wide writer to throw a penalty flag at the Secret Service. In the same vein was The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky, “Obama shouldn’t have gone. And ditto Joe Biden, for similar reasons—even an American vice president’s security detail probably is on a scale that not even European heads of state get. Either’s presence would have turned the march into a security nightmare …”

Yet when then-Senator (and the clear runaway winner of the upcoming presidential election) Barack Obama visited Germany in 2008 with at least 1 million cheering Germans chanting his name, Britain’s decidedly left-of-center The Guardian reported at the time, “the Democratic nominee almost floated into view, walking to the podium on a raised, blue-carpeted runway, as if he were somehow, magically, walking on water. Even from a distance, the brilliant white of his teeth dazzled.” The editor of The Guardian’s American online version was Michael Tomasky.n