Obama’s sham ‘signing up’ for ObamaCare

obama_animal_farm“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” –¬†George Orwell

The Associated Press via ABC News reports on Dec. 23, 3013 that in what many on the right could honestly describe as a case of gross hypocrisy, Barack Obama had his staffers “symbolically” sign him up for the same ObamaCare that hundreds of millions of Americans who live in the world of reality must contend with.

And unlike Obama, everyday Americans have to provide very personal information or face fine or even possibly arrest, whereas Obama was exempt from having his staff providing info such as his Social Security Number.

Obama promised to the American people in 2010 that he would personally participate in his signature legislation, thusly “showing solidarity with Americans” as he fulfilled his “commitment” to the populace, as penned by the AP’s Josh Lederman.

What Obama failed to mention in 2010 was as the Commander-in-Chief he doesn’t pay for his health care due to it all being provided for by the Armed Forces.

As purely a symbolic move, it was not Barack Obama who sat for endless hours attempting to gain access to, then successfully complete the online experience, but that particular task was relegated to anonymous lowly staffers.

But as it turns out, even online wasn’t panning out. A staffer head to head to downtown DC and personally sign Obama up.

To Add Insult To Injury…

As a symbolic member of the Washington, DC health care exchange, Obama wasn’t even in the nation’s capitol when he was enrolled, but instead vacationing in sunny Hawaii.george-orwell-political-language

White House officials have stated that “for security reasons” Obama’s personal information would not be released to the ObamaCare exchange.

However, the American people must surrender personal information such as their Social Security Numbers, W-2 info, personal financial and birth dates or face a possible visit from an IRS agent.

Something else Obama doesn’t have to be concerned with, in what the founder of McAfee computer security, John McAfee referred to the Health Care website as ¬†“a hacker’s wet dream.”