Officer down; Texas cop bound, gagged, tortured to death in his own home

OfficerDownAs the majority of Americans are already aware, there have been a rash of uniformed law enforcement officials gunned down while serving and protecting the citizenry. Yet the latest killing of a Texas police officer is disturbing both in its savagery and bringing back memories of the Manson Family slaughters of the late 1960s.

As reported by Bob Price of the news portal, and also by nationally syndicated news personality John Cardillo via WJNO of West Palm Beach, Fla., both on Sept. 2, 2015, the body of the Abilene Police Department’s Officer Don Allen was discovered by family members in his home in the quiet west central Texas town of Clyde. But while’s Price noted that area law enforcement officials are quite mum on the circumstances regarding Officer Allen’s death.

However, citing anonymous police sources, Cardillo claims to have some of the very gruesome inside scoop. As posted on WJNO’s news portal, Cardillo states that the off duty officer was found bound, gagged, and tortured. Another Manson-esque twist to the officer’s killing was that Cardillo’s sources tell him there were “anti-police slurs” were written in Allen’s blood throughout the home. Also being reported is that the Clyde PD; the Abilene PD; the Texas Rangers; and the FBI have formed a joint task force to bring the killers to justice.

Price did cite Abilene Police Chief Stan Stanbridge telling reporters that investigators do believe that the attack on Officer Allen was planned but has ruled out the slain officer was chosen at random. The Lone Star State is still reeling from the murder in Houston of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth who was recently gunned down while refueling his cruiser.

The Abilene Police Department (APD) has issued a press release which did release some of the personal information of Officer Allen. As Chief Stanbridge stated in the release, Officer Allen initially served on the Cisco, Texas, Police Department prior to transferring to Abilene, serving a total of 3 years, 3 months as a Texas Peace Officer. Officer Allen was also engaged to be married. He had just proposed to his fiancé on July 12th.

The press statement did state, “The manner of death was clearly suspicious.” Without giving any further information to the general public, it was matter-of-factly stated that the investigation is “being treated as a homicide.”