OOPS! Virginia’s Blackfaced KKK Governor Opens Himself for Even More Scrutiny

Just one question… is he the one in blackface or the Klan get-up?

Maybe it would have been better if the Old Dominion’s governor to just read his statement to the press, then walked away. But as President Ronald Reagan once famously quipped, “If your explaining, you’re losing.”

Needless to say, Gov. Ralph Northam just couldn’t stop explaining.

As seen in the video below of Northam’s presser, the ex-soldier turned infanticide advocate ended up raising more questions than answered.

Just a few things that I happened to notice;

  • When asked of the photo supposedly of him in either blackface or KKK hood and cloak, he claims that even though he graduated in 1984 from EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School) in Norfolk, he never purchased a copy of his yearbook nor has he ever seen the entire page that was devoted just to him. That is until 35 years later. Suuuuure.
  • Even though he steadfastly denied that he was either of the individuals in the now-famous blackface/KKK yearbook photo is him, he did admit that in the same year he “darkened his face” while doing a Michael Jackson imitation, apparently in public.
  • In regards to his entry in the VMI (Virginia Military Institute) yearbook in 1981, he was also asked of the nickname “Coonman”, the Guv claimed that the questionable moniker isn’t something he normally went by. Au contraire, mon amis. Northam firmly affixed the blame on “two upperclassmen”. Of course, he never gave the names of these mysterious upperclassmen, but you can bet that every investigative journalist in the country will be doggedly trying to find out who these two are to corroborate.
  • Lastly, Northam apologized… a lot. I just can’t help but wonder why a man who’s done nothing wrong would apologize to profusely?

But this blackface/KKK/Coonman racial controversy isn’t exactly something new to Northam.

As reported by Jack Crowe of The National Review (via Yahoo News);

Northam also faced accusations of racism during the campaign after it was revealed that his team removed a photo of his black running mate from campaign material mailed to a predominantly white area.

Also, during the Virginia gubernatorial race in 2016, an organization calling itself “The Latino Victory Fund” aired a pro-Northam ad that none-too-subtly accused candidate Ed Gillespie and the entire Republican Party as foaming-at-the-mouths rednecks on the hunt for minority children.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that is anyone ever accused him of throwing ice in a bar, that would be the death knell for Northam.