Outgoing DNI Grenell Fires Hundreds from White House, NSC, ODNI; Anti-Trump Deep Staters Not Happy

Outgoing Director of National Intelligence as well as our former ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell, certainly has shaken up thing on his last day as President Trump’s DNI.

Suffice it to say that even after three-and-a-half years, Deep Staters (and the leaks that go with them) are deeply embedded even at the White House as well as .

Possibly because federal employees are unionized might be the reason why dumping them is so hard.

Nonetheless, Grenell found quite the common sense reason to can upwards of 400 employees; we’re “streamlining.”

As reported by The Washington Times (emphasis mine);

Cuts of hundreds of staff members at the White House and at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have curbed leaks and stifled anti-Trump activists within both agencies, according to senior administration officials.

Acting DNI Richard Grenell, who stepped down Tuesday, streamlined ODNI in his four months in office by reducing staff and contractor positions by as much as 400.

Mr. Grenell said other positive reforms during his brief stint included declassifying congressional testimony showing no collusion between Trump officials and Russia in 2016, and imposing rules to protect the identities of U.S. officials inadvertently captured in overseas intelligence intercepts.

The changes were aimed at shifting the focus of ODNI away from being a separate intelligence agency and toward its original mission as a coordinating body for 17 U.S. spy services.

In response to questions about cracking down on unauthorized disclosures from within, Mr. Grenell revealed that his team had uncovered a leaker inside the office “clearly misusing classified information, and we referred the individual to the FBI.”

No other details were provided, but the leak was said to be damaging. The FBI is in the early stages of conducting an investigation into the ODNI official.

A senior Trump administration official said ODNI and the National Security Council staff until recently were two repositories of resistance to Mr. Trump and his agenda by people who “felt they had a duty to undermine the elected president of the United States.”