Ancient Paganism makes a comeback under the guise of ObamaCare

Pagans-fbWorship the tree, sacrifice the human…

A veritable death sentence has been handed down on a number of American citizens directly due to the cancellation of their particular health insurance policies per the Affordable Care Act (aka: “ObamaCare“), as reported in two separate articles by on Nov. 28 and 29, 2013.

Background Information…

Radical environmentalists and militant animal-rights activists have been accused of neo-paganism due to their preference of flora and fauna taking priority over the well being of fellow humans.

More often than not, activist courts and governmental agencies would come down in favor of perceived threats to various species of vermin or desert scrub while people lost their means of livelihood.

As the cascade effect of legally protected neo-paganism has ran its course in the past, unemployed parents eventually resulted in hungry children.

Are young Hunter's years numbered "for the common good"?
Are young Hunter’s years numbered “for the common good”?

Love the Animal, Worship the Animal… 

Perhaps the most egregious example would be the case of the Delhi Sands Flower-Loving Fly of Southern California, where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ordered the city of Colton hands-off of the fly’s “prime breeding habitat,” resulting in the loss of millions of dollars worth of employment by way of construction of brick-and-mortar businesses.

As seen by many conservatives as examples of a resurgence of paganism, conservatives accused enviro-activists guilty of the mindset of “love that animal, worship that animal… but sacrifice the humans.”

Human Sacrifice for the “Common Good”…

Examples of individuals suffering from severe illnesses who have seen their healthcare insurance cancelled directly due to ObamaCare:

  • Edie Littlefield Sundby of California has been diagnosed with stage-four gallbladder cancer. Her present policy will be a thing of the past at the end of this month. She can find other policies comparable to her present one, but only with cost increases from “40% to 50% more.”
  • Virginia grandmother Debra Fishericks is currently battling kidney cancer, she also has been informed that in keeping with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, her insurance is also about to be cancelled. Fishericks has been actively working “the Obamcare exchange web site for a new policy but cant afford any of the plans.”
  • Texas’ Hunter Alford has also seen his health care policy cancelled.  The 7-year-old’s parents have been fighting against a bureaucratic nightmare to get their son’s previous policy back in force, only to be told “the only way to expedite it is if my son was pregnant and in labor or an illegal.”
  • Another Texan, 26-year-old mother to a newborn, Whitney King-Johnson is living with multiple sclerosis. She also personally penned to the advocacy group Concerned Women for America:
St. Barry of Nairobi.
St. Barry of Nairobi.

“If I tried to find a comparable plan to what I had, my monthly cost went from $325 to now over $1,000; that was just a quote. I was told I should expect that cost to go up.

Remind me again how ObamaCare was supposed to help so much with preexisting conditions?”

Taxpayer Subsidized Cult of Personality…

Starting out with only certain individuals and private organizations mutating personal admiration into a quasi-religion, the Cult of Obama has gone from his image on votive candles to the cover of schoolbooks.

Not so accidentally messianic image of Barack Obama.
Not so accidentally messianic image of Barack Obama.

Slowly during the history of the Obama Administration, groups have surfaced that openly pushed phrases such as “the common good” and “the greater good” advocating the new normal that a few sacrifices for Obama and his vision are and should always be acceptable.

With the decidedly Socialist title The Greater Good out of the UC Berkeley, the university’s news/propaganda “Greater Good Science Center”  recently published an article entitled “The Obama Factor.

Certain left-leaning Protestants have formed a mainstream sounding Protestants for the Common Good.

The same group’s board of directors include a bevy of individuals with certain catch-phrases such as “Civil Rights Team,” and “LGBT inclusion issues” on the site’s micro résumés, included is that of Jill Wood-Naatz, who cites her association with Obama for America organization as one of her major accomplishments in life.

A new day has dawned in the further blossoming Cult of Obama, that of every taxpayer paying for his deification.

Described as “a modern combination of Moses and the Joseph of the Old Testament—with a bit of Johnny Appleseed thrown in for good measure,” the book  “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope” has reportedly “officially ‘aligned’ with the Common Core State Standards Initiative, an attempt to standardize various K-12 curricula around the country.”

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  1. I hate to say.But im pagan and was waaaaayyyy before obamacare.And paganism has been around for decades.Here’s this country’s problem.Fear mongering and paranoid propaganda.You know if “patriots” would base this fight on liberty and the people.And not beliefs and religion.Maybe it would make it somewhere.but it wont happen.So therefore,divided we stand just as divided we are gonna fall.And just so its known.better look better into ALL religions.Because there are pagan traditions in each one.

    1. JMC, In all seriousness, I took it for granted that the implication this applies only to the ancient pagan practice of sacrificing humans to The Sacred Oak, the wolf god, Kenyan Usurper, etc. No offense meant.

  2. I am Pagan, and conservative. Obamacare is and always has been an attack on American liberty and freedom. It does not matter what faith you are. I resent that Pagans all across America have been attached to this article. Shame on you for including all pagans for the actions that have nothing to do with our faith!

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