Palestinian ‘How to kill a Jew’ instructional video goes viral


With Islamic Jihadist so-called lone wolf attacks already drawing blood from London to Sydney and also with sanguine stops ranging from Boston to Ottawa to Fort Hood, a how-to video has gone viral on Palestinian social media regarding killing Jews with an edged weapon. As reported by the news portal on Dec.29, 2014, and also by the Jewish Press on Dec.28, 2014, a “teacher” and “victim” give step by step instructions on inefficient but nonetheless pain inducing techniques used to slay randomly chosen Jews.

Both wordy and historically inaccurate, a group going by the nom de guerre “Resisters of Occupation in the Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem” have posted on the internet a rather terse 1 minute and 12 second video reportedly entitled “How to kill a Jew” has gone viral. In an obvious move to attract young people to their cause, the terrorists rather clumsily executed movements on video are set to a curious musical mixture of traditional Arabic folk music and heavy metal guitars and drums, popularly referred to as al-Jeel music (Arabic for “the generation”). Both East Jerusalem and the West Bank aren’t “occupied” by the Jewish State, but rather were conquered by the Israeli Army when attacked by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan during the Six-Day War 1967.

Giving examples of drawing blood, but not necessarily ensuring a quick death, the video leans heavily on quick slashes to the throat as well as jabs to the chest or back. Half of the attack moves place a special emphasis on twisting and pulling the knife to ensure ease of removing the knife from the chest cavity. However, the remainder of the attack moves incorrectly illustrate that a knife plunged into the human body can easily be removed. With questionable terrorist credibility due to their lack of understanding the basics of human physiology, the terrorist group fails to understand that the torso acts as a vacuum, therefore, the demonstrated ease of removing a knife simply isn’t humanly possible.