Paranormal researcher claims to have discovered time warp outside of Las Vegas

It’s been said that in Las Vegas, you can lose all your cash in no time flat.

But if paranormal researcher Joshua Warren is right, you might be able to hold on to your cash for 0.000 020 (20 microseconds) seconds longer.

As reported by the CBS affiliate KCAL of Los Angeles, self-described “paranormal researcher named Joshua Warren claims he is the first person to ever discover a time warp, which he found near the city.”

Of course, to placate the conspiracy-minded;

Warren said he has been measuring the rate of time all over in areas between Las Vegas and the top secret Air Force site known as Area 51. Last week he found a spot in the desert just north of Vegas where he claims time has slowed down.”

Using what’s known as a “differential time rate meter,” also known as a “DT meter,” he claimed that for the first time ever he was able to record a measurement showing time had been slowing down for 20 microseconds — something that laws of physics prove should not occur.

To give an idea just how short a microsecond really is;

  • One million microseconds make a full second.
  • 3.33564095 microseconds – the time it takes for light to travel one kilometer in a vacuum
  • One thousand microseconds make one full millisecond.
  • There are 1,000 milliseconds in a full second.
  • To completely circle the globe at the equator, light would take 134 milliseconds.
  • It would take the average human between 300 to 400 milliseconds to blink

For the truly OCD numbers geeks, there’s the attosecond, which is one quintillionth (0.000 000 000 000 000 001 ) of a full second.