Placenta stew: One of the 40,000 new laws for 2014

360_esstein_0713At the dawning of a new year, ¬†unused gym memberships and other short lived resolutions aren’t the only things Americans will see in their near future.

As reported by Fox News on Dec 30, 2013, a whopping 40,000 new laws will be on the books in the new year.

Everything from the specific instruction for the disposal of cigarette butts to citizens under the age of 18 barred from tanning booths, the gamut of new rules and regulations run from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Don’t Drone Me, Bro…

Seen as a victory for foes of big government, Illinois passed legislation against law enforcement utilizing drone technology against citizens unless a warrant had been obtained first.

Even then, cops must cite a specific reason for the warrant, such as countering a planned terrorist attack.

Placenta, It’s What’s For Dinner…

Arguably the most gag-worthy of the new legislation would be Oregon legalizing new mothers take home the afterbirth for consumption.

Formerly illegal and long regarded as medical waste by hospitals in the Beaver State, parents can now take home the placenta for whatever culinary, cultural or religious reasons they see fitting.

Many of those in favor of legalized membrane munching, advocate the consumption of the mucosa due to purported health benefits.

And the same could be said of afterbirths…