Portland Government Considering REVOKING Homeowners Privacy and Property Rights

Downtown Portland, Oregon.

The giant hand of totalitarian government in the Beaver State…

The not-so-small city of Portland, Oregon, has a number of things going for it, economically. From one of the nation’s premier port facilities that service the region’s historically vibrant agricultural and timber industries, to the city’s robust steel, iron, and metal recycling companies.

But when it comes to the civil liberties of certain private citizens, that’s where Portland just may be… lacking, as they say.

Commissioner Oriana Magnera.

A certain city government entity known as the Planning and Sustainability Commission is actually considering Portland’s ever growing homeless population the “right” to, get ready for this, “rest and be welcome” on private property.

As reported by Portland’s KATU;

The Planning and Sustainability Commission is hoping to define its guidelines that are spurring controversy.
Some worry a change to the city of Portland’s design review process to allow people to “rest” on private property could lead to camping.

On Nov. 12, the commission narrowly approved a change to the design process language to say, “Provide opportunities to rest and be welcome.”

Oriana Magnera introduced the idea.

“Just one of the realities of Portland right now is that we have a lot of folks who are unhoused who benefit from some of these spaces that provide weather protection,” she said.

Coming as a shock to no one, KATU is also reporting;

KATU News reached out to each member of the commission.

No one would agree to talk about the proposal on the record, including Magnera.

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  1. They can rest & be welcome on my property while my sprinklers are on to augment the cold winter rain. I’ve had enough of their vandalism, theft, used condoms, used syringes, theft of water, discarding booze cans and bottles in my shrubbery & deliberate breakage of my shrubbery.

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