President Trump Ignores Fox News, Calls On OANN’s Emerald Robinson Instead

It’s never a good thing to be on the bad side of the President of the United States.

But that’s exactly where the Fox News Channel (FNC) has found themselves. At least that’s where FNC’s White House correspondent John Roberts has found himself.

Emerald Robinson.

As noted by the everything political DC Whispers news portal, the head honcho of the small but up-and-coming cable news station, the One American News Network (OANN), spilled the beans.

OANN’s CEO, Robert Herring, sent via Twitter that as the Commander-in-Chief was leaving the White House for his Florida retreat in Mar-a-Lago, the usual shouted questions at the president had a bit of a wrinkle.

As reported;

While walking past Fox News reporter John Roberts, who appeared very eager to field a question, President Trump shook his head and said, “NO” before then going to OANN reporter Emerald Robinson and taking a question from her.

President Trump is clearly putting Fox News on notice.