Email-gate: Hillary fired ambassador for using private email account

The past comes back to haunt HRC ... again.
The past comes back to haunt HRC … again.

There’s a saying that quickly becoming a truism inside the D.C. beltway, “Clinton is a place in Washington where scandals go to die.” While both Bill and Hillary Clinton have weathered their share of scandals ranging from the mere eyebrow raising to the jaw dropping level of the supposed Gulf of Tonkin incident, talking heads have their tongues a waggin’ over the latest twist in HRC’s private email kerfuffle.

While the presumptive Democratic Party’s nominee for president next year may now what the undercarriage of a bus looks like, thanks to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. As reported by the Associated Press (via News) reported on March 4, 2015, the spokesman for the Oval Office quite plainly stated that Clinton’s penchant for exclusively using her private email account vice the official government network during her tenure at the State Department was in violation of “Very specific guidance has been given to agencies all across the government, which is specifically that employees of the Obama administration should use their official email accounts when they’re conducting official government business.”

Curiously, no explanation was given as to why no one at the White House noticed that during her entire four year hitch at State, Madame Secretary failed to follow procedure. Nonetheless, within 24 hours of the response from the Executive Mansion, Fox News reported on March 5, 2015, that it was the same Secretary Hillary Clinton who canned the American ambassador to Kenya in 2012 for … you guessed it … using a private email account instead of his governmental (and supposedly secure) email account.

As reported, then United States ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration was unceremoniously given the opportunity to resign after “the release of a damning Inspector General (IG) report in 2012. Many aspects of Gration’s leadership style were called into question — including an apparent habit of ‘publicly berating’ staffers and personally ‘attacking’ them — but a central issue was his handling of the computer and email systems.”

While the Ambassador may not have been nominated as Boss of the Year, Being a horrible boss may not be grounds for dismissal. However, according to the IG it was determined that Gration had “Willfully disregarded Department regulations on the use of commercial email for official government business.” Not quite done yet, the damning report “urged the Nairobi embassy to ‘cease using commercial email to process Department information and use authorized Department automated information systems for conducting official business.'”

While the Clintons are legend for deflecting scandal, Hillary’s “Email-Gate” doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. As the news portal noted today, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, is “… preparing to send out subpoenas later Wednesday to gather a deeper look into former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nearly exclusive use of personal e-mails to do her official business as the government’s top diplomat.”