Punk’d: Canada’s Trudeau Backs Down when Filipino President Threatens Declaring War

Canada’s sensitive PM reduced to tears.

The Philippines’ president, Rodrigo Duterte, is puffing out his chest again. I know, I know. Hard to believe, huh?

When not challenging Chinese strongman Xi Jinping (to no avail) or talking tough about defeating Islamic jihadists in the south of his own nation (again, to no avail), the Filipino version of Foghorn Leghorn’s pint-sized nemesis, the Chicken Hawk, has decided to punk-out the world’s biggest soy-boy, none other than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As it turns out, Duterte is non too thrilled with what was supposed to be shipping containers filled with Canadian recyclable material sent to the PI for processing, but instead were chock-full of 100 percent Canadian household garbage.

Duterte has resorted to threatening war with Canada. With the Philippines having a somewhat less-than-global military reach, it’s still a mystery how he would actually get Filipino troops to The Great White North. Well, Duterte could always disguise a few regiments as civilians and stealthily attack through Canada’s own Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Better days: When Canada’s military rushed to help the Philippines after being hammered by yet another typhoon.

It’s a thought.

Anyhow, needless to say, the head honcho of our neighbors to the north is now suffering a full-blown case of his testes retreating into his abdomen.

As reported by the Breitbart.com news portal;

The government of Canada offered the Philippines a deal on Thursday to accept over 100 containers full of household trash after illegally sending them to the Asian country in 2013. President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to go to war with Canada last week if they did not accept the garbage.

“We’ve had a team that’s been working extremely hard, including from Environment and Climate Change Canada, to find a solution. I am not going to go into the details but there is a proposal on the table with the Philippines and we are hopeful we can come to a resolution,” Canadian Minister of Environment Catherine McKenna told reporters Thursday. McKenna said that the garbage would return to Vancouver but did not specify what the Canadian government would do with it once it returned.

Ottawa had little choice in accepting the garbage once again, as Duterte ordered his government to ship the trash back to Canada by May 15 regardless of what the Canadian government did. Canadian authorities said they had not yet heard from Manila whether their offer was satisfactory.

Not quite done with his bluster, the Filipino president also threatened;

“I want a boat prepared. I’ll give a warning to Canada maybe next week that they better pull that thing out or I will set sail, there in Canada, I will dump their trash there,” Duterte said in late April. “I will declare war against them. I will advise Canada that your garbage is on the way. Prepare a grand reception. Eat it if you want to.”