Questionable Common Core choice for logo

The folks at the Common Core advocacy group have been airing commercials as of late, and they most certainly seem to give credence to the adage that the further we are from September 11th, the closer we are to September 10th.

cc6a00d8341bffd953ef017c3528ac5f970bApparently they’ve already forgotten the outrage caused during the 2012 Presidential¬†election when the Obama Campaign chose an allegedly avante garde styled American flag that was supposedly deemed oh-so-very cutting edge.

Possibly it was a bit of poetic justice that the ObamaFlag  just so happen to look an awful lot like the bloody hand print left on one of the walls of the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya after the al-Qaeda aligned terrorists slaughtered four State Department personnel exactly on the 2012 anniversary date of the al-Qaeda attacks on the United States that resulted in almost 3,000 dead.

cc6a00d83451b2aa69e2017744df9474970dBut just maybe, could be proof positive of exactly what Obama & Friends have wanted ever since he failed the ultimate 3:00 AM Call test – if we all ignore the attack on our consulate long enough, eventually everyone will forget it ever happened.

To date, no one from team Obama has been held accountable for the massive incompetent and negligence.


One thought on “Questionable Common Core choice for logo

  1. And never will be, thanks to the majority of complicit, cowardly and treasonous rinos in power. In a different time, they would have been hung or shot. The blood of the patriots of old cries out from the battlefields where they died to defend the freedoms we now
    take for granted!

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