Renowned British Communist Dies, Leaves Massive Fortune to Family

2892219002But illegitimate son gets pittance…

Noted defender of Communism Dr. Eric Hobsbawm passed away well over a year ago, but the details of his vast personal fortune have been brought to the public eye, as reported by The Daily Mail of London, UK on Jan. 10, 2014.

The well-published historian and ardent supporter of everything Marxist, the more-than-slightly hypocritical commie left a pile of cash and assets to the tune of £1,835,341 ($3,023,174) in his will to be distributed to his second wife, the two children they had together and also an undisclosed sum to the University of Warwick.

A self-avowed Communist since the age of 14, Hobsbawm never renounced his membership in the CPGB (Communist Party of Great Britain), even during the height of the Cold War or after the bloody Soviet crushing of both the Hungarian and Czechoslovakian revolutions of 1956 and 1968, respectively.


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair — whose left-leaning Labour government appointed Hobsbawm to the Order of Companions of Honour in 1998 — led tributes to the hard-core defender of the Soviet Union upon his death on Oct. 1, 2012.

Hobdbawm’s illegitimate son Joshua Bennathan who was the product of an affair with Marion Bennathan sometime between his two marriages was bequeathed a mere £3,000 ($4,941).

3 thoughts on “Renowned British Communist Dies, Leaves Massive Fortune to Family

  1. Daily Mail is notorious in making outrageous comments about everyone who could make a difference and then apologies for its mistakes and paid huge sums in defamation suits. So this comment on Dr. Eric Hobsbawm was not an exception. Dr Hobsbawm had shown unprecedented commitment to Marxism when most pseudo and opportunist intellectuals were losing hopes in 1990s after the collapse of USSR and many Eastern European communist countries. They failed to understand that the fall of a particular model of communism was not an end in itself. Surprising, after the collapse of the USSR over 2 Million copies of the Communist Manifesto were sold in Great Britain alone. Before his death Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist Party Marxist met his former Guru Dr. Eric Hobsbawm who had given the forewarning about the CPM future in West Bengal much before the last Parliamentary elections disaster. As to his assets around £1.8 million is no more than average assets of members of Parliament in India. In any event, Dr Hobswam had not own those assets by exploitation and/or expropriation and/or by way of falls expenses claim, it was just appreciation of value over many decades. I was shocked that some people have hesitation in discovering anti-communism from nowhere.

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