Report: MSNBC Honcho Phil Griffin ‘Smirked’ While Waving Zoomed-in Pic of Maria Menounos’ Naked Crotch During ‘Bikini Malfunction’

To say that Medford, Massachusetts’ own Maria Menounos has had a wide and varied career would be an understatement of monumental proportions.

From Miss Massachusetts first runner up, to NBC News reporter, to WWE (achem) professional wrestler, to survivor of brain surgery to remove a golf ball-sized tumor, to Instagram fitness model, to newlywed.

Yet another bullet point Menounos could add to her résumé would be her being the objet de désir of a rather creepy corporate boss.

Reportedly, it was none other than the president of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, who waved about candidly snapped photos of Menounos’ crotch during a network staff meeting.

Menounos rising from the sea.

As reported by Great Britain’s The Daily Mail;

The president of MSNBC waved around a zoomed-in photograph of Maria Menounos’ crotch in a staff meeting after she suffered a bikini malfunction, according to explosive details in Ronan Farrow’s new book.

Phil Griffin, 62, reportedly smirked as he told others in the room: ‘Would you look at that? Not bad, not bad.’

TV host Maria, 41, called the publication of the photographs ‘the most embarrassing moment of my life’ after the images emerged of her on the beach in Miami on New Years Eve in 2010.

After one of her followers tweeted to tell her of the pictures days later she replied: ‘No??!!!! Where did u see? Please tell me you’re joking.’

And she told Huffington Post: ‘I finally came out [of the water] and I’m like, “These people are not stopping.” I’m like, “Wow, is Britney Spears behind me? What’s going on?” Oh no, my vagina’s out. That’s it.’

Phil “Would You Look at That” Griffin.

Farrow’s new book, Catch and Kill, details that ‘four colleagues said Griffin was known for making lewd or crass remarks in work emails’.

It says that in one meeting after Menounos’ wardrobe malfunction had been reported he ‘waved around a printed page bearing a zoomed in image, smirking, and ‘exhaled hard’ as he looked at it.

The married dad-of-two is also said to have forced female producers to join him at a peep show in Times Square while a senior producer on Nightly News in the 1990s, Farrow claims.

Along with NBC News President Noah Oppenheim and NBC News Chief Andy Lack, Griffin was known as the ‘triumvirate’ by those working for Harvey Weinstein because of how often the disgraced producer was calling them following accusations against him, according to Farrow.