Report: ‘Muslim convert’ arrested in beheading of 82-yr-old London g-grandmother


“Attacked her with the same machete he just hacked a cat to bits moments before in a fit of rage…”

On the heels of two captured Americans seen on grainy video having their heads carved off by Islamic jihadists, and with the images of a soldier murdered by decapitation still fresh in the memories of Londoners, another resident of The Big Smoke was also recently slain in like fashion. As reported by the Evening Standard (of London, England) and also by the London edition of the news portal, both on Sept. 5, 2014, locals in the Edmonton suburb of north London have identified the attacker of an 82-year-old great grandmother as Nicholas “Fat Nick” Salvadore, who like the killer of a British soldier last year, was a recent convert to Islam.

Civilized people the length and breadth of Great Britain were stunned and horrified in May, 2013 as they saw on both television and the internet when the killers of Fusilier Drummer (Private) Lee Rigby of the British Army were filmed literally red-handed after they first ran over with their car, and when he was stunned, took a carving knife and a cleaver to Drummer Rigby, murdering the war veteran in broad daylight on the streets of south London. Arguably as shocking is the news that 82-year-old Palmira Silva was also decapitated, in all places, the backyard of her tidy little home on Nightingale Road.

With Salvatore reportedly running wild from back garden (British slang for “back yard”) to back garden banging on doors and windows, he eventually came upon the unfortunate Mrs. Silva, where Fat Nick apparently attacked her with the same machete he just hacked a cat to bits moments before in a fit of rage. Prior to the attack on the semi-retired Italian Café owner, the crazed man reportedly threatened a couple he was staying with, but they managed to get into their home barring the entrances behind them. Described as a frail “sweet lady” by her neighbors, Mrs. Silva was ostensibly Salvatore’s initial target of opportunity.

With enough of a ruckus raised for at least on person to call police, a reported 20 officers Fat Nick with the help of Tasers. Yet even though zapped by 50,000 volts by the standard issue Metropolitan Police X26 Taser, Salvatore still managed to put up enough of a fight to break the wrist of one of the arresting officers.