Report; vast majority of big money donors lean Democrat/Liberal


As reporter Josh Voorhees of Slate Magazine penned on Aug. 14, 2015, Vice President Joe Biden is taking time out of his South Carolina vacation to meet with “allies and advisors” regarding a possible challenge to the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. However, Voorhees passed on partisan politics by pointing out the reality of the situation in his party.

As noted, the Slate reported cut to the chase when he penned, “for all the anybody-but-Hillary chatter this summer, the party‚Äôs powerbrokers continue to line up behind Clinton and the major donors continue to cut checks. For the establishment, then, Biden represents little more than a Plan B…”

Reporter Aaron Elstein of the everything-business Crain’s New York news portal cited that as it turns out, even multi-billionaire Donald Trump is accepting political contributions. Yet as Elstein noted, a Trump spokeswoman stated her boss is “now accepting donations because his campaign was being inundated with five or ten-dollar donations from supporters who want to help. She said Mr. Trump’s presidential run will be financed largely with his own funds.”

Nowhere near the millions pledged to many of the other candidates, Trump’s campaign website cited by Crain’s New York will only accept contributions a maximum of $2,700. In the meantime, has long been compiling the veritable who’s-who of political contributors since the late 1980s.

Respected by left, right and center alike, Open Secrets latest report lists the top 100 organizations (corporations, unions, associations, etc.) donations totals, while ranking their respective recipients as either “leans” or “solidly” behind either Democrat/Liberal or Republican/Conservative. For those hedging their bets and contributing to left and right nearly evenly, a fifth category of “On the fence” is cited.

In spite of the Democrats and their political allies standard full court press accusing Republicans and their allies of being in the hip pockets of outside forces, Open Secrets notes that of the top 10 organizations involved in the world of political big money, fully eight of the 10 are reliable Democrat/Liberal money sources. The sole Republican/Conservative organization was Las Vegas Sands which clocked in at number seven. The lone fence sitter was The National Assn of Realtors in the number eight slot.

Listed as Solidly Republican/Conservative, Koch Industries sat at number 48. However, the Solidly Democrat/Liberal Soros Fund Management cracked the top 20 at number 19. Of the top 50 contributing organizations listed:

  • 26 were listed as Democrat/Liberal
  • 12 were listed as Republican.Conservative
  • 12 were listed as On the fence

As cited, the “Take Back Our Democracy” rally in the photo above was organized by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO. With both unions listed on the top as Solidly Democrat/Liberal, the AFL-CIO was only slightly ahead of Soros by hitting number 18. Coming in number one was SEIU, seeing 99 percent of the $222,434,657.00 total contributed going to Democrat/Liberal candidates and/or causes.