Ridiculous: Rapinoe Posters Vandalized, NYPD Investigating Possible ‘Hate Crimes’

If Colin Kaepernick had a husband…

Oh, the irony! A mural of George Washington painted in a San Francisco high school will soon be destroyed for being politically incorrect, but someone defaces a handful of posters featuring Megan Rapinoe… next thing you know, the Hate Speech Squad is called in.

But anyhow, this may sound like a really stupid question, but shouldn’t the New York Police Department invest their officer’s time to stopping murders and rapes and all that other nasty stuff?

One would think. But much like the US Armed Forces during the Obama years, this is Bill de Blasio’s (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr) New York Police Department. Forget about homicides and violent sexual assaults, those are so 90s.

Here in the hip and happenin’ 20-teens, stopping poster vandalism is all the rage.

Case in point: Approximately half-a-dozen posters featuring Professional Women’s Kickball champ, Megan “I’m Not Going To The F*cking White House” Rapinoe were victims of a cacographical assault in the New York subway system sometime today, and the NYPD will have their best individuals of non-specific gender on the case.

In other words, some functional illiterate vandalized a handful of posters glorifying the LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA activist. You read it right… an inanimate object is under investigation for an alleged thought crime.

As reported by the New York Post;

More than a half-dozen posters of US Women’s Soccer sensation Megan Rapinoe were defaced inside the Bryant Park subway station in what police are investigating as a possible hate crime, authorities said.

The bigoted vandal scribbled marker over Rapinoe’s face and forehead Monday morning on more than six posters displayed throughout the mezzanine level of the station near Sixth Avenue and West 42nd Street, cops said Tuesday.

The hateful messages included “shemale” and “screw this ho,” police sources said.

Further emphasizing Rapinoe’s protected status (this is obviously a big deal), the NYP also noted;

The team will be honored by the city Wednesday during a ticker-tape parade in lower Manhattan.

An MTA spokesperson said the agency is working with the NYPD to investigate the graffiti, which was subsequently cleaned up.

“Hate has no place in the transit system and we work hard to make the subway a welcoming, safe environment for everyone,” MTA spokesman Shams Tarek wrote. “We referred this to NYPD which responded to investigate, our maintenance teams got the posters cleaned and we will have them replaced with new ones if necessary.”

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