Right Wing News for June 9, 2014

The Miss USA Contestant Conceived In Rape1missusa6n-2-web

Max Hastings: ‘Obama Is a Pygmy When Compared to Wartime Leaders Like Roosevelt’

Racist: Va. Dem. Mike Dickinson disparages Allen West as toilet, animal feces

Bergdahl Has Declined to Speak to His Family

Chomsky: Obama Determined To Demolish Our Civil Liberties

King Juan Carlos: ‘I don’t want my son to grow old waiting like Prince Charles’

Scotland: Muslim murdered ‘westernised’ ex-wife 

Kerry: ‘Baloney’ that releasing Taliban detainees too risky to US troops

Obama to Attend $32,000 a Person Fundraiser in Laguna Beach

CIA Director defends Koran, defines Islamic teaching

Kick ass song of the day – Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
by The Leningrad Cowboys with The Red Army Choir