Right-Wing Patriotic Sweden Democrats Poll Equally with Liberal Majority Social Democrats

Proud to be Swedish.

It may have taken awhile, but it looks as if the Swedes have finally come to their senses. After all, I’m fairly certain that having Europe’s highest rape rate and the lowest rape conviction rate, well… that must have gotten awfully tiresome.

Not really all that long ago (2014 to be exact), Washington Times reporter Bethany Blankley noted (emphasis mine);

In Sweden, Muslim immigrants account for 5 percent of its population but commit 77 percent of its crime. Sweden’s “rape crisis” is a direct result of an influx of Muslim “asylum seekers.”

Amnesty International reports that Sweden has the highest number of rapes in Europe and the lowest conviction rate. According to Swedish Public Radio, in Stockholm alone, over 1,000 Swedish women reported that a Muslim immigrant raped them; 300 were under age 15. (One third of those living in Stockholm are immigrants; 24 percent are Muslim). These numbers represent only 25 percent of all rapes in Stockholm because officials claim the majority are unreported. Despite this, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention and the European Commissioner for Home Affairs “refuse to admit the assailants are Muslim.”

But as reported by Veronica Ek of the Bloomberg news service (via Yahoo News), the Scandinavian nation’s right-wing political Party, the Sweden Democrats, have polled as equal in numbers to the country’s majority liberal party, the Social Democrats.

As the Swedish parliamentary system works, the liberal Social Democrats just may have to include the Sweden Democrats in the next nation-wide elections. That is, of course, unless the Sweden Democrats win a majority of the votes.

As reporter Ek of cited (emphasis mine);

One of Sweden’s ancient Sámi people.

Support for the nationalist Sweden Democrats and the Social Democrats is almost equal for the first time in an Expressen/Demoskop poll, adding to Prime Minister Stefan Lofven’s burden as he steers his minority government.
His Social Democrats, the largest political party in Sweden for most of the past century, have lost voters to anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats, the survey showed.

“The result stands out,” Demoskop spokesman Peter Santesson told Expressen. “The loss of voters to the Sweden Democrats is the main reason for the decline in support for the Social Democrats”.

Recent shootings and gang violence may be the reason for the rising concern and frustration among voters, Social Democrats spokeswoman Lena Radstrom Baastad told Expressen.

“May be the reason”? You’ve got to be kidding me. But in all fairness, leave it to the liberal Establishment Media to ignore the glaringly obvious.

Another point to consider: In a 2006 review by Andre Zantonavitch of The American Thinker, the journalist critiques While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within by Bruce Bawer.

As Zantonavitch noted (emphasis mine);

Perhaps the most terrifying part of the book is the way Muslims everywhere are already confidently planning to rule Europe and make it part of the caliphate. A popular Swedish t—shirt reads simply “2030 —— then we take over.”

Another sobering note of Bawer’s work (emphasis mine);

The rapists, naturally, go unpunished. And because native Europeans differ on this practice, Muslims scornfully think of all white men as weak and effeminate, for not being able to control their women. They think of all normally—dressed Western women as honorless low—lifes and unloved harlots, valuable only for group violation and subsequent termination.

Not exactly shocking, CBS News recently attacked the Sweden Democrats for adopting as their official slogan, “Keep Sweden Swedish“.

As if that’s a bad thing?