Robert Mueller, War Hero: That was Then, This is Now

Without a doubt, Capt. Robert Mueller, USMC, was a badass. Yep… a real live war hero. If you want to hold an election right now for the greatest bad asses on active duty in the late 60s, Mueller would definitely get my vote.

It’s true that Mueller was a Company Grade officer in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. It’s true that Mueller was awarded the Bronze Star medal (with Combat “V” for personal valor) along with two Navy Commendation medals (both with Combat “V”). It’s true that Mueller was also the recipient of the Purple Heart medal for wounds received while under enemy fire.

I simply can’t stress enough how much it was men like Captain Robert Mueller, USMC, who were exactly the type of Marines that I lionized as a young boy and eventually as a teen-ager when I enlisted in the same Marine Corps just a few short years after Mueller left active duty.

Yes, I’m a retired Marine. I’ll be loyal to the Corps and to fellow Marines until the day I die. But even of a higher priority of those categorizations, I’m an American citizen first and foremost.

Before I go further, there are others who I consider honorable patriots who served their nation when called;

  • Pres George HW Bush (WWII combat vet, Pacific) was one of the youngest combat pilots in the history of the US Navy
  • Sen George McGovern (WWII combat vet, Europe) served as a bomber pilot with the 8th Air Force
  • Rep John Lewis was one of the heroes of the Civil Rights movement
  • Rep Elijah Cummings was also one of the heroes of the Civil Rights movement

Much like Mueller, if you want me to cast a ballot as to who were heroic personalities throughout the history of this Republic, I very well may throw in my lot with all those mentioned for their courageous stances they took as young men.

But that was then… this is now.

As an American citizen, I have every right to say that in their later years, I consider Mueller, Bush, McGovern, Lewis, and Cummings as sell-outs.

They sold-out America as either Globalists, Deep Staters, soft-boiled Communists or all of the aforementioned.

As far as Mueller is concerned, I sure as hell don’t want anyone saying that I back-stabbed a fellow Leatherneck.

If anything, I’m of the opinion that Mr Mueller is complicit with the Democrat Party in an attempted coup d’état against our Constitutionally elected President.


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