Sadiq Khan’s London: Girl Scout Stabbed to Death in Quiet Suburban Park

Proudly displaying her Remembrance Poppy in place over her heart, Jodie Chesney in her Scouts uniform in front of the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing.

Great Britain may have outlawed any law-abiding citizens from lawfully owning firearms, but as history has proven, evil people will always find a way to commit evil.

Case in point would be the skyrocketing assault/murder rate involving knives and other edged-weapons that’s been plaguing London since Sadiq Khan became mayor.

In Hizzonor’s defense, Khan has called for some of the most harsh knife control laws on the planet (sarcasm, off).

As USA TODAY reported in mid-2018;

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a crackdown on knives Sunday in response to the rising levels of violence in London, which recently surpassed New York City’s homicide rate for the first time.

“No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife,” Khan tweeted. “Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.”

There have been more than 50 homicides in London so far in 2018, and much of the violence is tied to gangs.

With Khan’s patently ridiculous remedy of treating the symptom, not the disease, the latest slaying took place at a small suburban park known locally as “Amy’s Park”, located in Harold Hill, a suburban area in Romford, East London.

The victim: Seventeen-year-old Jodie Chesney, a senior Girl Scout who recently appeared on national television in front of Queen Elizabeth and Prince to honor fallen members of the armed forces. The “Festival of Remembrance” was held just a few short months ago in historic Royal Albert Hall.

As reported by Europe edition;

Victim Jodie Chesney, reported to have been a Ranger Guide in the Explorer Scouts, was listening to music at a park near St Neot’s Road in Harold Hill with other teenagers on Friday evening.

She and her group became aware of two males who left the area around 9 p.m., according to a police statement.

The pair returned not long afterwards and made directly for Jodie’s group, and on reaching them one of the two — “described as a black male aged in his late teens”, according to the Met — stabbed her in the back and fatally wounded her.

The suspects had reportedly not interacted with Jodie, who joins an increasingly long list of knife murder victims in the British capital as violent crime continues to rise. They are said to have carried out their attack and made their escape without saying a word.


In a separate report by The Daily Mail of London;

Jodie Chesney was stabbed in the back as she sat with boyfriend Eddie Coyle, 18, and another friend on a park bench near St Neot’s Road in Harold Hill, Havering, at 9.25pm on Friday night.

Mr Coyle screamed for help and ‘stroked and kissed her face’ as she lay bleeding to death after being attacked by ‘men in balaclavas’.

The killing comes just months after the 17-year-old appeared on the BBC in her Scouts uniform at a Festival of Remembrance.

Jodie Chesney at a memorial for all those who died in the service of their country.

The ‘sweet’ Girl Scout is stood next to Explorer Scouts at the Royal Albert Hall in November 2018, as reported by The Sun.

She is seen marching on the stage in front of the Queen and Prince William, and earlier in the day posted a snap of her outside No.10 Downing Street.

Another witness to the incident, mother-of-three Teresa Farenden, 49, and her friend Kelly Smith, 36, said two men stabbed the teenage girl in front of her boyfriend, before fleeing.

‘Then a boy said ‘no I need help, my girlfriend has been stabbed’ and I just flew over there in my flip flops.

‘We tried to compress the wound to stop the bleeding but there was just so much. It was like being in a horror movie.

‘When I got there she was breathing but it was very shallow, she was groaning and there was a slight pulse.

‘The boyfriend was holding her and kissing her face. He was whispering and begging her, ‘Please, please stay awake’.

Mrs Farenden said: ‘The ambulance arrived and I told the 999 call handler. She asked me to stay on the phone until the crew had reached us on the park. And in that moment the girl died.

Jodie Chesney.

‘I turned to look at her and my friend, who had come to help, just said, ‘We’ve lost her’.’

Mrs Farenden – whose house faces the park – began CPR but did not realise the blade remained lodged in Jodie’s back. It is believed she was stabbed with such force the blade snapped meaning those comforting her could not see it.

She added: ‘The knife blade was still in her, but I didn’t see it because it was dark.’ I didn’t realise at the time, but then all I kept thinking once the police told me was ‘have I put the knife in further by giving her compressions?”

She added: ‘It was horrific, it was just the blood. There must’ve been two pints of blood. There was so much of it.

‘The girl was moaning, but she was mostly silent. We checked her pulse and we could hear her breathing.’

The A-level student, who was described as having a ‘heart of gold,’ became the 18th murder victim this year in the blood-soaked capital.

Just hours before her death, Chesney posted an Instagram pic wishing: ‘Happy birthday Dad’ for her father, Pete Chesney on his 39th.