Satanic murder trial opens; victim’s eyes gouged out, raped and tortured


With almost a full year after 15-year-old Corriann Cervantes was tortured to death by a pair of professed worshippers of The Prince of Lies, the trial of accused murderers Jose E. Reyes, 18, and Victor Alas, 16, is finally underway. As reported by on Dec. 9, 2014 and also The Inquisitr news portal on Dec. 8, 2014, the details of the pretty teenager’s final minutes on Earth are almost too graphic for even the most bland and generic of descriptions.

The February, 2014 slaying of Cervantes was confessed to by Reyes, now 18, who stated he and his younger accomplice had done so to ensure Alas’ soul would completely be owned by Satan. Readily admitting he had already sold his soul to Satan, Reyes also stated that in keeping with the wishes of his fellow devil worshiper, they were required to ritualistically slay the blue-eyed brunette to ensure the soul of Alas would belong to Beelzebub.

Reportedly, on the night of her murder Cervantes spent the evening with Reyes and Alas smoking pot and drinking alcohol. Harris County (Houston, Texas) Assistant District Attorney John Jordan told the jury that what allegedly started as consensual sex quickly degraded into something “sadistic and inhumane.” Either during or shortly after the consensual sex, Reyes and Alas started to beat the girl with the heavy porcelain lid of a toilet tank. After her body was found four days later, slivers of shattered porcelain were found embedded in her head and face.

While still alive, Cervantes was then violently raped by the two. While violating her, the two repeatedly stabbed her in the face and upper torso with a screwdriver. Not done yet, the duo used a plastic rod used for adjusting window blinds to gouge her eyes out. Still alive, the girl had an upside down crucifix carved into her stomach. Jordan also told the jury that Reyes then told Alas that in order to seal the deal with Satan he had to strangle the tortured girl to death with his belt. Only then did Cervantes finally expire.

Reyes also admitted that Cervantes did attempt to run away while screaming, “Why are you doing this to me?” The girl also reportedly pleaded for her life even after they ripped her eyes out of their sockets. ADA Jordan also said of Reyes, “He said he had no regrets.” Despite being minors at the time of the crime, both are being charged as adults. If found guilty, both could face the death penalty.

2 thoughts on “Satanic murder trial opens; victim’s eyes gouged out, raped and tortured

  1. I pray to Gd. Almighty that these 2 monsters who are definitely wholly owned by Satan as they requested, be put to death and I am only sorry they will not suffer as horribly as their victim did, for which they should both undergo slow torture with violent means until death by strangling as they committed on her after gouging out her eyes. If that does not sound Christian, it is because I believe in an eye for an eye—and even so, Christianity does not require people to remain helpless and passive in the face of such utter evil as these 2 committed on an obviously defenseless person who was innocent of provocation toward them. The only thing about that I can say is that she should not have had relations with either of them outside of marriage as this was not sanctified and there fore they could have done anything unsuspected afterward, even though some men have committed abuse and even murdered their own wives—may Gd. forgive her trespass for the torture she endured perhaps as a result of it, and may he damn these 2 to the lowest regions with the worst afterlife possible—and may they be speedily removed from this world, where we have enough evil without them.

  2. do unto others as they would do unto you.
    Give them to the girls family on the condition that they can’t kill them…… first.

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