Satanic Temple targets kids, media hails as ‘hilarious’ and ‘wicked fun’


On the heels of a group of Satan worshipers touting they were able to sell all 88 tickets available for their Oklahoma City “black mass” ceremony to be held this Sunday, the non-brick and mortar cyber-Satanic Temple of New York is offering up their own children’s coloring and activity book. In a move to make worshiping the Lord of the Flies more family friendly and acceptable to the mainstream, the Christian-centered news portalCharisma News reported on Sept. 17, 2014, that Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesman Lucien Greaves is makingThe Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities available to Florida school children within the next few months.

After the Orange County School District buckled to the threats of lawsuits by atheists so they can distribute literature to public school children in the Orlando area, the Satanist organization quickly came up with their own kiddie book. Focusing in on the adventures of Damien, Annabel and their pet dog Cerberus as they explain Satanic rituals to their school chums and other hands-on activities such as how to draw an inverted pentagram.

Possibly gaining the mainstream acceptance they’ve been striving for, the right-leaning Media Research Center reported on Sept. 17, 2014 that columnist Sarah Gray recently penned an article for the left-of-center Salon magazine in which she highlights the Satanic Temple’s “hilarious” move of making their activity book possibly being available to schoolkids in the central Florida school district. Not to be outdone, Michael Walsh of the The New York Daily News made note of the Satanic Temple’s “devilish material,” and described the “wicked fun activities book.”